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Eurovision fan of the day - Connor from America

Our Euroision fan of the day is better known as @Connar_esc who many of you will know from ESCunited.

What is your name and where are you from? Hey everyone! My name is Connor Terry, and I’m from America! I was born and raised just outside of Dallas Texas, but I’m currently working on my Master’s degree in College Student Development in the state of Oklahoma.

Tell us something interesting about yourself? Despite the fact that I’m a newer participant in the Eurovision bubble, I do actually work for an ESC news site. I’ve been with the team over at ESCUnited for almost 4 months now (aka the entire national final season leading up to the contest) and I have loved every bit of it. If you follow us on social media, I’m the person who operates all of our accounts and creates a lot of our social media games and topics.

Shameless plug, go follow us!

And you've done awesome work, it's a long season! ~ Aussievision When did you first get into Eurovision?

So I fell into Eurovision on accident back in 2015. I was listening to the ABBA Gold Album on youtube, which then switched to “Waterloo” live at Eurovision 1974. And then it switched over to the full recording of Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen. I was hooked. Basically from then on I’ve been watching more and more, and now I’m watching all the national finals. I’m crazy, I know.

ABBA is a great way to get into the contest, Eurovision legends What is your favourite Eurovision year and why? I think that 2016 was my favorite year, not just because that was the first year I watched both semi-finals and Grand Final live, but also because I have over half of the entries on my playlist right now (the rest I’m working on, no worries). Plus watching that voting session happen and not knowing what was happening or who was going to win? I was glued to the TV.

That new voting system has really added to the excitement, just a shame Australia would have won with the old voting system :(

Which Eurovision song: Is your favourite? Waterloo – ABBA, 1974 Is overrated? Yodel It – Ilinca and Alex Florea Was robbed? Line – Triana Park, 2017 (C’mon y’all!)

Didn't deserve last in the semi... we'll agree on that! Had the best live performance? Hear Them Calling – Greta Salome, 2016 Did you last play? Sound of Silence - Dami Im, 2016 (Not even kidding!)

Taste Is your guilty pleasure? Be My Guest – Gaitana, 2012 Any other interesting honourable mentions?

Amanecer – Edurne, 2015 Todas as Ruas do Amor – Flor-de-Lis, 2009 Quedate Conmigo – Pastora Soler, 2012 What’s the Pressure, Laura Tesoro Je ne sais quoi – Hera Bjork, 2010 What if We – Chiara, 2009 Coming Home – Firelight, 2014 La det Swinge – Bobbysocks, 1985

SO much taste in these songs - particularly Edurne, Flor-de-Lis, Laura and Hera!

Do you have a favourite Eurovision country? I’ll be honest, Portugal send a ton of really cool entries that are often overlooked, so I want to give them a shoutout. But I think my overall favorite has been the Ukraine! Like there have been so many amazing entries out of that country in years past. What are you favourite songs so far in the 2018 contest? I have a bit of a list but here’s my top 5 songs in no particular order: “Toy” from Israel and Netta, “La Forza” from Estonia and Elina, “Mercy” from France and Madame Monsieur, “Lost and Found” from F.Y.R. Macedonia and Eye Cue, and “Monsters” from Finland and Saara Aalto! My guilty pleasures to add is definitely “Storms” from the UK and SuRie and “Mall” from Albania and Eugent Bushpepa though. What do you think of Australia being in Eurovision? Heck yes! The music scene in Australia is ON FIRE, and y’all belong in the contest. Now, if you start sending terrible music and get a long non-qualification streak, then we might have to talk again, okay?

If that happen we will lead a protest to SBS ourselves! Would you want to see the United States take part? My argument is thus: We are already a part of the contest. Every time a country or jazz song enters the contest, they are using a structure of music that was created in America. So we’ve been there the whole time and you didn’t even know it! Plus you look at this year’s contest, there are three American’s participating with Bulgaria and Latvia (hey Laura!). Do I think we as a country should compete? Heck no. But just remember there’s some elements of American culture in the modern contest to date!

What do you think of our song 'We Got Love' and Jessica Mauboy? Talk about a real bop! I’ve been listening to the song so much that it now comes up on my autoplay on YouTube without being prompted. I’ve been watching the preparty tour performances and she has been killing it live! I’m excited for Australia to make another big move at Eurovision and make up for last year’s……..meh song. And finally favourite Australian song – Sea of Flags, Tonight Again, Sound of Silence or Don’t Come Easy? Well, I’m not a big fan of “Don’t Come Easy” (sorry Isaiah!) but my favorite is a tie between Tonight Again and Sound of Silence. But, since I’m much more of a Dami Im fan now, I have to go with her ESC entry. Besides, that high note? C’mon now! Anything else you’d like to share? I just want to say thank you for reaching out and making me feel super special! Living in America there aren’t a lot of people I can chat with about Eurovision, so looking at my life last year versus now is mind blowing. Like last year I literally watched the contest in secret on my phone, and now I’m literally working on ESC related projects and having fun conversations with people daily!

Also, one day we’re going to get y’all to the press center. Because we’re going to hang out and talk about life in our countries for hours!!

Wow that is a huge move, Eurovision should never be watched in secret, I am glad you have found an outlet for your Eurovision love!!!

Thanks for your time Connor!

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