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Semi final position success rates

So the positions for each semi final have been revealed and sent social media into a flutter.

Some believe songs have been buried, some believe songs have been deliberately advantaged. The good news is that every position has qualified since 2015, but we've done a little deeper.

Looking back at the last five Eurovision contests (2013-2017) we can reveal which positions have the best and worst success rates in recent years.

The most successful positions have been 12th, (90% success rate), 6th and 15th (both with an 80% success rate).

This year 12th position is Croatia and Malta, 6th position is taken up by Lithuania and Russia while 15th position is Finland and Sweden.

On the other end of the scale 3rd position (30%), 2nd position (40%) and 13th (40%) are the worst position statistically.

They are taken up by:

3rd position - Albania and Serbia

2nd position - Iceland and Romania

13th position - Austria and Hungary

Australia goes from 9th spot which has a 70% success rate while Israel goes from 7th which has been successful half the time.

Whether or not it makes any difference will be determined at the contest itself.

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