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UK You Decide - a number crunching prediction

With BBC's You Decide takingplace on Wednesday evening (Thursday morning Australian time) we decided to do some number crunching to see if the numbers back up many fans predictions of the winner.

With only YouTube to go by we have used the following criteria:

Total YouTube views

Total YouTube likes

YouTube % approval rate (likes v dislikes)

% of likes to listens

% of dislikes to listens

We ranked all songs with the 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 system and here were the results.

1st Asanda - Legends (58 points)

Asanda came out on top on every category except one.

She has over double the YouTube views (161k) and likes (2k) than her nearest rival and had an impressive 94% approval rating.

2nd RAYA - Crazy (48 points)

RAYA was second place in every category except one. Her total views of 76k was over 30k more than 3rd place and with an approval rating of 91%.

3rd SuRie - Storm (38 points)

SuRie was the best of the pack picking up 3rd place in all but one category. Her approval rating was 84% and had just under 45k views.

4th Jaz Ellington - You (28 points)

Now Jaz is the wildcard here. He was the only other song to win a category - the % of likes versus views. 1.29% of all people who watched him liked his song, which was higher than Legends at 1.24%. However he had the second highest % of dislikes to views as well. So he's a bit of a marmite song... those who love him love him, those who don't really don't. Take views out of the equation (he had the lowest) and give all songs an equal audience on the night and he might cause a surprise. Approval rating was 80%.

5th Liam Tamne - Astronaut (24 points)

Liam was consistently fourth and fifth across the board and looks to be out of the running unless he does an epic performance and others drop.

6th Goldstone - I Feel the Love (14 points)

YouTube viewers did not like this song. It had the lowest approval rating of 63%, lowest % of likes to views, in fact it was lowest in all categories except one - total YouTube views in 4th place. Can the girls pull it together with a catchy performance on the night?

So overall it does appear to be Asanda's title to lose - as most national finals it really will come down to live performance. The wildcard could be Jaz Ellington who may have a point of difference if he can nail the vocal.

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