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International fan of the week - David from Wales

Our international fan of the week is David from Wales aka @david16996

What is your name and where are you from?

I’m David 28 from Wales in the United Kingdom

Our first Welsh fan of the week! My grandfather was Welsh so I definitely approve ~ Dale, Aussievision

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

In 2013 I created and hosted with 3 other people a podcast on the Television show Glee (aptly called Glee Review) for 4 1/2 Years (loved it so much and the best thing I ever did)

Great show - first few seasons especially

When did you first get into Eurovision?

I first got into Eurovision back in 2002 when I saw it advertised in a tv magazine and thought that sounded fun (I was like 13) and I was hooked straight away and still am to this day

What is your favourite Eurovision and why?

The two Eurovision contests that stand out to me are 2002 and 2016 but as an overall show I have to say 2016 is my favourite edition - it had amazing songs , the staging , the presenters and everything I love about Eurovision (I hated the winning song for obvious reasons)

2002 is an interesting choice, not many fans of the early 2000s

Which Eurovision song:

Is your favourite?

The song I seem to go back to when I think of Eurovision is Loreen’s Euphoria - it was magical , a catchy song and just everything I love in a song and I was so happy it won ESC250 again in 2017

Is overrated?

Out of recent years I would say Portugal’s 2017 song - it was actually my bottom song of last years contest - I found it so so boring and I just zoned out when it came on

Umm what? He was a little bit of a marmite/vegemite act - either loved or hated.

Was robbed?

Most robbed song since I started watching is from 2017 and it’s Estonia’s Verona - I got emotionally attached to that song and I was very mad when it didn’t make it through to the final - it was my 2nd most played song in 2017 and my favourite of the 2017 contest I’m still bitter about it

Now this we can agree on

Had the best live performance?

Best performance is easy it’s Conchita Wurst’s Rise Like A Phoenix - I got emotional watching that performance and I’m not ashamed to admit I cried when she won - was a huge moment for the contest and I always love watching it

Did you last play?

The last Eurovision song I played is You from Sweden 2013 - it was my favourite of the 2013 contest and I was gutted it didn’t do well because I love Robin’s voice and it’s a catchy pop song that got stuck in my head the first time I heard it

A strong year but this should have been top 10

Is your guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure haha so many to mention but one still sticks out and I still listen to it to this day and it’s Scooch’s 2007 entry Flying The Flag for my country - it just makes me so happy and it’s what I love about the contest so much and I miss those type of songs

Ha yes agree on this, I loved this and may have dressed up as them ~ Dale

It was terrible - Mike

Any other interesting honourable mentions?

I would say our 2009 entry My Time should had won - Jade’s song was perfection, staging , vocals and ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER on piano what else can be done to win

Do you follow the national finals? If so have any songs caught your attention so far this year?

I only started following NF’s outside the UK in 2017 but I discovered Melfest for the first time and I fell in love - songs that are standing out to me in the NF’s so far this year are Nassi’s studio version in France, Eleanor’s Back To Life in Malta and Aleksander Walmann’s Talk To The Hand from Norway

What do you think of Australia being in Eurovision?

Australia being in Eurovision is awesome - not just because we get votes from you guys but I think the contest needs to draw in new people and keep it fresh plus you send awesome songs Hello

What do you think of our artist this year – Jessica Mauboy?

I screamed so loud when Jess was announced - after discovering who Dami Im was in 2016 I came across Jess and loved her 2014 album Beautiful and all her music is brilliant - I wanted her to be 2018’s entrant and so I’m so excited to hear the song - I want a upbeat song this year - With an Eurovision song I want to dance or cry

"With a Eurovision song I want to dance or cry" - very well said, we might steal that quote!

Sea of Flags, Tonight Again, Sound of Silence or Don’t Come Easy?

While I liked 3/4 the other song I just love one so much and it’s Dami Im Sound Of Silence - it’s awesome anyways but that stage performance just blew me away - gonna be honest I voted 5 times for AUS on that final night and I’m still bitter she didn’t win

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m just so excited for Eurovision this year and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings and I’m looking forward to seeing what your podcast comes out with because it’s genuinely awesome and it’s great hearing a different perspective of the contest

Thanks David we really appreciate it! And thanks for your time doing this for us, cheers!

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