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Aussie fan of the week - Chris

What is your name and where are you from?

Chris Hockman and I'm from the Central Coast, NSW

So you moved to the US from Australia, how long have you called US home and do you come back to Australia often?

I've been living in the United States since 2010 and became a dual citizen last year. Unfortunately I've only been back once since I moved, but hoping to get back this Christmas

Tell us something interesting about you?

I recently moved to Florida where I work as the Staff Writer for the USA's 2nd division football (soccer) league.

Wow we didn't know that about you, like many Eurovision fans and performers we are big football fans!

On to Eurovision – when did you first get into the contest?

I think it was 2004, flipping around the TV late at night stumbling on this wonderful show on SBS while in Year 12.

Do you have a favourite Eurovision year? Why is it your favourite?

2013, it was a really great show on the whole and had some great songs, with diversity in genres which I liked.

Think 2013 is underrated, fantastic year.

Which Eurovision song is:

Your favourite?

It's modern but so what, Love Injected (Latvia 2015)

Is over rated?

Heroes (Sweden 2015) - sorry, not sorry


Was robbed?

There's always so many but I'm going with Igranka (Montenegro 2013)

We don't really get the fan love of this song, but each to their own....

Had the best live performance?

Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland 2006) when the wings come up, still great!

Did you last play?

Rhythm Inside (Belgium 2015)

Is your guilty pleasure?

Alcohol is Free (Greece 2013), Ska and Eurovision is kind of my Wheelhouse

Oh Chris you are a legend, I love this song, I don't even call it a guitly pleasure. Ska rules! ~ Dale (Mike disagrees.... strongly...)

Any other interesting honourable mentions?

I'd go on far too long, but I've been really loving Latvia in the Supernova era.

Do you follow the national finals? If so have any songs caught your attention so far this year?

I try to as much as I can, I'm really liking Emmy Liyana OK ou KO for France and Tamar Kaprelian Poison (Ari Ari) for Armenia

Why should Australia be in Eurovision?

Australia has long been a part of the Eurovision community, with SBS spending a pretty hefty chunk of change to be part of things. If the Big Five get a bye to the final based on financial contributions than Australia absolutely gets to be a part of things.

Actually that's a really good point!

Would you ever want to see the US in Eurovision?

When the United States has broadcast it for 30 continuous years we can talk about it, I'm not holding my breath. Also can the EBU take off geoblocking, it's REALLY hard to get more interest in it here when you can't share YouTube videos.

Are you happy with Jessica Mauboy as our choice for Lisbon?

I've been saying since day one that Tina Arena should represent Australia and it seems I will go to my grave saying that. Mauboy is fine but I'd like someone who hasn't been even if Mauboy went as an interval act.

And finally favourite Australian song – Sea of Flags, Tonight Again, Sound of Silence or Don’t Come Easy?

Probably the same as everyone else, Sound of Silence

Actually many have said Tonight Again!

Anything else you'd like to add? See you all in Lisbon! My first Eurovision live!

Thanks for your time Chris!

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