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Our top 10 Eurovision Christmas songs

It's Christmas time and that means Christmas songs and carols... but that doesn't mean Eurovision still can't play a part. Here are 10 Christmas songs sung by former Eurovision artists.

10. Alexander Rybak - Tell Me When

Ok we'll be honest we aren't big fans for Alexander. At all. Actually we find him rather irritating.... however... this song is an original sweet little number. And it also only goes for two minutes, more than enough time to appreciate the song and get him off your screen.

9. Charlotte Perrelli - Joy to the World

The 1999 winner performs this classic carol in a very up beat Sister Act style. Well worth a watch and listen.

8. Cascada - Last Christmas

Wowsers this has over 16 millions views on YouTube and we're unsure why... Cascada put their unique spin on a Christmas classic.

7. Guy Sebastian - The Christmas Song

We all know the Australian entrant for 2015 can sing and he proves it here with this soulful version of the song made famous by Nat King Cole.

6. Sanna (with Shirley and Sonja) - The First Noel

Sanna who finished 3rd in 2014 with 'Undo' does an incredible vocal on this timeless Christmas carol with her two compatriots.

5. Juliana Pasha - Krishtlindje te bardha (White Christmas)

Albania's 2010 entry brings her Albanian version of White Christmas with a very wintery video, red furry hat (I'm sure it's fake fur) included.

4. Cliff Richard - Mistletoe and Wine

The Eurovision runner-up (controversially) is well known for his long successful music career including this single from 1988. 'Mistletoe and Wine' went number 1 in the UK and Ireland even charted here in Australia. An all time classic.

3. ZOË - La nuit des merveilles (A Night of Wonders)

One of our favourite artists from 2106, Zoe brings her very sweet style with French lyrics in this original song. Hidden in the lyrics is the title of her Eurovision song Loin d'ici...

2. Common Linnets - Christmas Around Me

The Eurovision runner-ups from 2014 bring us this original Christmas song they recorded in 2015. And wow it's divine. It combines their soft country style with the emotion of a Christmas classic. Watch and listen on repeat. Live version below but recorded version brings even more.

1. Dami Im - O Holy Night

Was it going to be anyone else? Australia's supreme vocal talent did an incredible live version of this ultimate Christmas song at the end of 2016. It didn't disappoint, make sure you watch to the very end her last few notes are epic.


Well she isn't an official Eurovision competitor until she performs at Lisbon but here is our 2018 entrant Jessica Mauboy with Silent Night.

You can listen to a full YouTube playlist (with a few extra tracks added).

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