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National Finals - the dates you need to know

With so many dates surrounding National Finals (where nations choose their Eurovision artist) it can get a bit overwhelming working out when everything is... So we've done the hard work for you and here is our current list of dates you can lock in the diary.


21st - Festivali i Këngës (Albania) Semi Final 1

22nd - Festivali i Këngës (Albania) Semi Final 2

23rd - Festivali i Këngës (Albania) Grand Final


6th - Eurovizijos Atranka (Lithuania) Show 1

10th - Belarus Live Auditions (Jury selects act to go through to the Final)

13th - Destination Eurovision (France) Semi Final 1

13th - Eurovizijos Atranka (Lithuania) Show 2

20th - A Dal (Hungary) Heat 1

20th - Eurovizijos Atranka (Lithuania) Show 3

21st - Selecția Națională (Romania) Semi Final 1

27th - A Dal (Hungary) Heat 2

28th - Selecția Națională (Romania) Semi Final 2

TBC - Czech Republic National Final

TBC - Cyprus National Final

TBC - France Semi Final 2 and National Final TBC - Spain selects artist


2nd - A Dal (Hungary) Heat 3

3rd - Melodifestivalen (Sweden) Semi Final 1

3rd - Malta National Final

3rd - Armenia Prelim Show

4th - Selecția Națională (Romania) Semi Final 3

4th - Switzerland Grand Final

6th - Sanremo Music Festival (Italy) Night 1

7th - You Decide Final (UK)

7th - Sanremo Music Festival (Italy) Night 2

8th - Sanremo Music Festival (Italy) Night 3

9th - Sanremo Music Festival (Italy) Night 4

10th - Sanremo Music Festival (Italy) Grand Final

10th - Melodifestivalen (Sweden) Semi Final 2

10th - Eesti Laul (Estonia) Semi Final 1

10th - Ukraine Semi Final 1

10th - A Dal (Hungary) Semi Final 1

10th - Söngvakeppnin (Iceland) Semi Final 1

10th - Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (Denmark) Grand Final

11th - Selecția Națională (Romania) Semi Final 4

17th - Eesti Laul (Estonia) Semi Final 2

17th - Melodifestivalen (Sweden) Semi Final 3

17th - Montenegro Final

17th - Ukraine Semi Final 2

17th - A Dal (Hungary) Semi Final 2

17th - Söngvakeppnin (Iceland) Semi Final 2

18th - Selecția Națională (Romania) Semi Final 5

18th - Festival da Cancao (Portugal) Semi Final 1

22nd - Moldova Semi Final

24th - Melodifestivalen (Sweden) Semi Final 4

24th - Ukraine Grand Final

24th - A Dal (Hungary) Grand Final

24th - Moldova Grand Final

25th - Selecția Naționala (Romania) Grand Final

25h - Festival da Cancao (Portugal) Semi Final 2

TBC - Latvia (Semi final and Grand Final)

TBC - Slovenia (Semi finals and Grand Final)

TBC - Poland

TBC - Greece

TBC - Armenia (Semi final and final shows)

TBC - Serbia


3rd - Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen (Sweden) Wild Card

3rd - Eesti Laul (Estonia) Grand Final

3rd - Finland UMK Song Selection

3rd - Söngvakeppnin (Iceland) Grand Final

4th - Festival da Cancao (Portugal) Grand Final

10th - Melodifestivalen (Sweden) Grand Final

10th - Melodi Grand Prix (Norway) Grand Final

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