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183 million viewers tune in to the Eurovision Song Contest

After its hiatus in 2020, 183 million people tuned in to watch the Eurovision Song Contest across 36 television markets in Europe and Australia.

This sees an increase of 1 million from 2019’s 182 million viewers.

The contest was also a massive hit with younger audiences, with the 15-24 age group tuning in at a rate four times higher than these television channels usually receive.

More than 50 million unique viewers tuned in to content on the Eurovision YouTube channel during the week of the contest, while Instagram posts were seen more than 170 million times.

Winning nation Italy saw its largest audience since rejoining the contest in 2011, while the Netherlands saw a massive 78.5% of the television viewing audience tune in.

Of course, when it comes to the largest viewing share of any market, the win goes to Iceland once again, with 99.9% of the television audience tuning in.

About these viewing figures and results, Executive Supervisor Martin Osterdahl said:

“We’re thrilled to see that audiences welcomed back the Eurovision Song Contest in such huge numbers and very proud to have brought millions together at a time when so many are still apart . . . even in its 65th year, the Eurovision Song Contest’s impact is bigger than ever.”

In Australia, the Grand Final saw 288,000 tune in (123,000 live, 165,000 for the replay) across the live and primetime replay broadcasts, with the primetime replays of the semi-finals seeing more than 150,000 tune in to each.


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