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Voyager to feature in documentary 'Bill Bailey's Wild West Australia'

Photo credit: Gavin Repton

What do comedic genius Bill Bailey and Voyager have in common? Well it turns out a fair bit!

Long-time metal fan and all around good (and hilarious) guy, Bill Bailey has collaborated with 2023 Australian Eurovision representative Voyager on his latest documentary titled 'Bill Bailey's Wild West Australia'.

Voyager announced on their social media that Bailey had asked them to be part of his four-part documentary on Western Australia. Bailey said on his website "I’ve been touring Australia for nearly 30 years, but the west coast has always eluded me so this was a chance to take in its vastness, it’s wildlife and stark beauty plus meet some characters along the way."

Bailey told the Sydney Morning Herald -

“I have to say, I loved singing in the pub with these bearded blokes. That was great. Going back to my prog roots, jamming with Voyager, what a joy that was! I love playing the keytar at the best of times. It’s often something that you only play in private, but they’re a lovely band, and being able to jam with them was a wonderful day of fun for me.”

Where to watch the first episode

If you are in the UK:

  • Channel 4 - Sunday 26 November at 9pm (UK time)

If you are in Australia:

  • ABC - Thursday, 30 November at 8pm

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