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Voyager release their live album 'A Voyage Through Time'

Photo credit: Mike Dann

Australian progressive-rock legends and Australia Decides 2022 runners up, Voyager, have just released a live album, 'A Voyager Through Time', and it is something to really sink your rock-loving teeth into.

'A Voyage Through Time' is a compilation of their live work, taken from seven albums across their long music career.

When Voyager celebrated 20 years in the music industry, they delivered a light-hearted live stream, 'A Voyage Through Time' which is now being officially released for the fans. The set list is vibrant and varied and is sure to have something for everyone!

The album consists of 16 tracks, including their 2020 short-listed 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' entry, 'Runaway'.

The digital album was released today but you will need to wait a little longer if you are after DVD or vinyl, but you can pre-order here.

Voyager have been extremely busy as they wrapped up their Australian tour of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In just a few weeks, Voyager head overseas to the United Kingdom and Europe on an absolutely mammoth tour (over a month worth of dates). As a result of their huge support at Australia Decides, they are bound to have a new legion of international fans attend these shows.

‘A Voyage Through Time’ is available for download and streaming on all music platforms.

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