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Voyager interviews: What they've revealed on staging, fan reaction and more

In the lead up to Eurovision in Liverpool, our 2023 entry Voyager has been hitting the promotional circuit with appearances and media interviews across Australia and overseas.

During those interviews, there has been a few interesting tidbits on information the group has revealed.

We've summed up some of the best bits below.

Being selected for Eurovision

In a recent interview with the Liverpool Echo, Alex Canion from the band said:

"We'd heard there was potentially going to be another Australia Decides so we decided to focus on the album but also create a song specifically for Eurovision and maybe enter it if it comes around. We thought, 'Maybe we will, maybe we won't. Let's cross that bridge when we get to it.' We entered into the selection process and got a call from SBS asking us about staging which we all thought was weird."

"They asked 'So how do you see this being staged and performed' and we said this and that and they said 'Well great because you've got the chance to do it because you're going to Eurovision'."


At a recent appearance at the OGAE Australia Eurovision preview party in Perth (tickets still available for Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane), lead singer Danny was asked about their staging for Liverpool and although he didn't give away too much but did say:

"It's going to be what we usually do, what we do in live performances, just on steroids."

He then went on to explain the challenge they face as a band with staging compared to other artists.

"If you're a solo singer you can have the attention on you and you can follow the journey, with the band what we don't want to do is just go, 'five members heaps of lights people just go "whoah" within three minutes' and don't really know what hit them.

"So it's got to be a journey, it's got to start off mysterious and the build up for that epic finale."

Alex in his interview with Liverpool Echo also weighed in saying,

"I can't divulge too much because it's got to be a surprise but it's going to be as Voyager as possible. Anyone that's seen us on our live shows knows that we really have a lot of fun out there. We feed off the crowd, we want them to be involved with what we're doing and basically just feel the joy in entertainment and music."

Fan reaction

The Liverpool Echo also asked about fans with Alex saying,

"When the video dropped there were heaps of comments that were really negative. At first, you're like, 'Oh my God, this is horrible,' but the immediate... whatever... is forgotten about when you see all comments supporting you."

He also went to discuss the commentary from fans throughout the season.

"I have been heavily invested in the acts from this year, it's just funny the perceptions and the ebb and flow of public opinion the year. Very early... everyone was like 'This Eurovision's not great', at least reading all the comments online, people are complaining about it, and now all 37 acts are announced, it's like strong."

Danny previously told Aussievision what he thought about fan commentary and analysis.

"I love it... I don't care if it's negative or positive, I just love watching it. The people doing these reaction videos are characters themselves. But what I love as a band and musician who writes and composes their own songs... we like seeing people analyse the music and feel something."

And on the positive side, Voyager's drummer Ashley Doodkorte told Sydney's 2GB that their participation has already had a strong positive reaction from fans across the world.

"We've seen our streaming numbers go up immensely since we've been announced and released the song."

You can see our interview with Danny from Voyager below

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