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The Busker will represent Malta at Eurovision 2023

The Busker, winners of this years MESC (PBS)

Today, after weeks of competition, The Busker won the right to represent Malta at Eurovision this year after their song: 'Dance (Our Own Party)' winning the Maltese national final, MESC.

The Full Results

The Busker won by a landslide with 121 points. Behind them was Ryan Hili with 'In the Silence' with 85 points. Matt Blxck came in third with 76 points, while Maxine Pace with 'Alone' finished in 4th place with 73 points.

Below are the full overall results:

  1. The Busker - 'Dance (Our Own Party)' - 121 points

  2. Ryan Hili - 'In The Silence' - 85 points

  3. Matt Blxck - 'Up' - 76

  4. Maxine Pace - 'Alone' - 73 points

  5. Brooke - 'Checkmate' - 70 points

  6. Chris Grech - 'Indescribable' - 34 points

  7. Ian - 'On My Own' - 22 points

  8. Fabrizio Faniello - ‘Try To Be Better' - 21 points

  9. Eliana Gomez Blanco - ‘Guess What’ - 20 points

  10. Christian Arding - ‘Eku Ċar’ - 17 points

  11. Nathan Psaila - ‘Creeping Walls’ - 12 points

  12. Dan - 'It'll Be Ok' - 10 points

  13. Cheryl Balzan - 'La La Land' - 9 points

Giada - 'I Depend On You,' Geo Debono - ‘The Mirror’ and Stefan Galea - 'Heartbreaker' all finished joint 14th with 3 points.

Will 'Dance (Our Own Party)' Represent Malta at Eurovision?

It is likely that 'Dance (Our Own Party)' will be Malta's Eurovision entry. But on previous occasions, MESC was used solely as an artist selection with the actual Eurovision entry being released later. For example: in 2022, Emma Muscat won MESC with 'Out Of Sight,' but represented Malta at Eurovision with 'I Am What I Am,' and in 2016 Ira Losco won MESC with 'Chameleon,' but represented Malta at Eurovision with 'Walk On Water.'

The Winning Artist

The Busker was formed in October, 2012. The band has gone through some lineup changes through the years, welcoming their newest member, former X Factor Malta participant Dav Jr. in 2021. Their current lineup consists of vocalist Dav Jr., Saxophonist Sean Meachen and drummer Jean Paul Borg. Their musical style blends 1960s pop/rock with folk/rock.

The Busker performing their MESC winning song 'Dance (Our Own Party) (PBS)

Malta's History at Eurovision

Malta made their Eurovision debut in 1971. After two last places in a row and one 12th place finish in 1975, they took a break, returning in the early 1990's. Their best results so far are a second place in 2002 and 2005 with Ira Losco singing '7th Wonder' and Chiara singing 'Angel' respectively. Last year, Malta were represented by Emma Muscat with 'I Am What I Am'. This year, Malta will perform in the first half of the first semi final.

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