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The Bottom 20 Eurovision Grand Final Songs by percentage - 2010 to 2019

So we recently looked at the Top 20 Eurovision Songs of the decade, now today we cover the lowest scoring songs of the decade.

To ensure an even playing field, we have used their percentage of possible points to find the bottom 20.

We also must remember that these songs were in the Grand Final - so even being there on the Saturday night is an achievement!

Unfortunately it wasn’t the best decade for the “Big Five” group of nations who automatically qualify for the Final. Four of the “Big Five” managed to make 12 appearances in the bottom 20 Eurovision songs.

Let’s begin our countdown to the bottom!

20. Amandine Bourgeois - L'enfer Et Moi - FRANCE - 23rd place in 2013 - 3.07% (14 points out of 456 - average score 0.36 points - 240th of the decade)

Starting off is Amandine Bourgeois from France. Her rock chick look and performance of “L’enfer Et Moi” which translates to “Hell and me” unfortunately didn’t impress. She managed to get points from a handful of countries, eight points from San Marino, two points each from Armenia and Iceland and 1 point each from North Macedonia and Cyprus.

19. Krista Siegfrids - Marry Me - FINLAND - 24th place in 2013 - 2.85% (13 points out of 456 - average score 0.34 points - 241st of the decade)

This upbeat dance pop song where Krista Siegfrids, dressed in a wedding dress and bright pink platform shoes and continuously belts out ‘Uh-Oh-A-Ding-Dong’ achieved a Eurovision first! A same-sex kiss shared between Krista and her female back up singer at the end of the song. It got the approval from five countries, with Israel, San Marino, France, Denmark and Germany giving her a combined total of 13 points.

18. S!sters - Sister - GERMANY - 25th place in 2019 - 2.50% (24 points out of 960 - average score 0.30 points - 242nd of the decade)

The German duo, S!sters, who were especially put together for German Eurovision selection show ‘Unser Lied für Israel’ which they won, earned their spot at representing Germany in the Eurovision Contest Final in Tel Aviv. Their song about being sisters, when they weren’t sisters, unfortunately didn’t resonate with Europe and Australia and only received 24 points out of a total of 960 points, making it Germany’s third to last worst result in the last decade.

17. Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Will Set You Free - UNITED KINGDOM - 25th place in 2012 - 2.44% (12 points out of 492 - average score 0.29 points - 243rd of the decade)

English pop singer Engelbert Humperdinch, who has been singing since 1956, represented the United Kingdom in 2012. He sung “Love Will Set You Free” produced by Grammy Award- wining music producer Martin Terefe. He is the oldest singer to ever participate in the Contest representing the United Kingdom. His impressive performance got huge applause from the audience, but at the end he only managed to pick up 12 points.

16. John Karayiannis - One Thing I Should Have Done - CYRPUS - 22nd place in 2015 - 2.35% (11 points out of 468 - average score 0.28 points - 244th of the decade)

It was John Karayiannis’ dream to be at Eurovision. After unsuccessful attempts to represent Cyprus in their national final for Junior Eurovision in 2007 and 2008 he finally got his chance to represent Cyprus in the big Contest in 2015. Unfortunately his beautiful ballad only attracted points from two countries, 1 point from Slovenia and 10 points from their Eurovision bestie Greece.

15. Josh - That Sounds Good To Me - UNITED KINGDOM - last place in 2010 - 2.19% (10 points out of 456 - average score 0.26 points - 245th of the decade)

Josh promised to bring you the good times if you bring him the sunshine, but that wasn’t enough to convince the Eurovision audience in 2010. The song “That Sounds Good To Me” written by Pete Waterman and Mike Stock from Stock Aitken Waterman sounded outdated compared to the other songs in the competition. His performance managed to get 10 points which was the lowest amount of awarded points for a UK entry, since Jemini’s nul points in 2003.

14. Monika Kuszyńska - In The Name Of Love - POLAND - 23rd place in 2015 - 2.14

% (10 points out of 468 - average score 0.26 points - 246th of the decade)

Pop singer/songwriter Monika Kuszyńska was previously the lead singer of Polish pop rock band Varius Manx and only managed 10 points with her performance. She received only two points from the jury.

13. Tinkara Kovač - Round and Round - SLOVENIA - 25th place in 2014 - 2.08% (9 points out of 432 - average score 0.25 points - 247th of the decade)

Tinkara and her flute went round and round with this song. Unfortunately it wasn’t as striking of a performance as Tinkara would have liked. Slovenia only managed 8 points from Montenegro and a single point from North Macedonia.

12. ESDM - Contigo Hasta El Final (With You Until The End) - SPAIN - 25th place in 2013 - 1.75% (8 points out of 456 - average score 0.21 points - 248th of the decade)

This Spanish rock pop performance by ESDM looked positive, all the members of the band had smiles and the lead singer looked striking with her bright yellow dress, where she later sends out large yellow lanterns throughout the arena. Spain went all out with this performance but only managed 6 points from Albania and and 2 points from Italy.

11. Tooji - Stay - NORWAY - last place in 2012 - 1.42% (7 points out of 492 - average score 0.17 points - 249th of the decade)

This song where you can’t help but think of Benny Banassi’s “Satisfaction” was sung by Norwegian-Iranian singer Tooji. His performance had everything you would expect from Eurovision, a smoke machine, energetic dance moves, back up dancers, and of course fireworks. Even though Norway threw everything at this entry Europe put it last. Tooji only managed 3 points from the Netherlands and Sweden and 1 point from Iceland making it Norway’s 11th last place in a Grand Final in their Eurovision history.

10. Michael Rice - Bigger Than Us - UNITED KINGDOM - last place in 2019 - 1.15% (11 points out of 960 - average score 0.14 points - 250th of the decade)

Michael Rice dreamed big, but unfortunately his “X-Factor winner style” song, written by Sweden’s 2019 entrant John Lundvik, was not well received only getting 11 points. It is the UK’s fourth time in last place in their Eurovision history.

9. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz - Ghost - GERMANY - last place in 2016 - 1.12% (11 points out of 984 - average score 0.13 points - 251st of the decade)

Her striking, shiny, colourfully fun dress and cute look wasn’t enough to get many points in 2016. She got a single point from the Georgian jury votes and 10 points from televoting, 8 points from Switzerland and 2 points from Austria. It was the second consecutive last place for Germany.

8. Ryan Dolan - Only Love Survives - IRELAND - last place in 2013 - 1.10% (5 points out of 456 - average score 0.13 points - 252nd of the decade)

Wild drums. Check. Tattoo clad ripped torso men covered in oil. Check. Slick performer in leather pants moving to a dance pop song. Check. Well this energetic performance wasn’t enough to impress only receiving 5 points, the second time Ireland have come in last. They got 2 points from Sweden and Cyprus and a single point from the UK.

7. Electro Velvet - Still In Love - UNITED KINGDOM - 24th place in 2015 - 1.07% (5 points out of 468 - average score 0.12 points - 253rd of the decade)

They brought along some Electro swing flavour into the 2015 Contest. With some scat singing in the middle of the song. The performance was visually spectacular with a glow in the dark look when the lights were turned down, with their clothing lighting up with LED’s.

It received a one point from Malta and Ireland and three points from San Marino. It managed to do worse than Josh’ low points from his 2010 Eurovision performance.

6. Lisa Angell - N’oubliez pas - FRANCE - 25th place in 2015 - 0.85% (4 points out of 468 - average score 0.10 points - 254th of the decade)

So Lisa Angell managed to slightly better TWIN TWIN’s result from France’s last place the previous year. Unfortunately the emotional ballad which is meant to be about wars didn’t resonate well only receiving 3 points from Armenia and 1 point from San Marino.

5. Levina - Perfect Life - GERMANY - 25th place in 2017 - 0.61% (6 points out of 984 - average score 0.07 points - 255th of the decade)

This song caused a bit of controversy as it was alleged that it sounded very similar to David Guetta’s “Titanium” and Aleksandra Kovač’s “Young and Wild”. Whether this played a factor in the low scoring or it was her simple staging we may never know. Germany managed 3 points each from both the jury voting and televoting.

4. Manel Navarro - Do It For Your Lover SPAIN - last place in 2017 - 0.51% (5 points out of 984 - average score 0.06 points - 256th of the decade)

This song has a catchy chorus, infectious hook and beach vibe sound, unfortunately the fate of the performance was sealed when Manel’s voice was off key when he hit the climax of the song. He received no points from the juries but all 5 points from Portugal through televoting. It was Spains fifth last place finish in their Eurovision history.

3. TWIN TWIN - Moustache - FRANCE - last place in 2014 - 0.46% (2 points out of 432 - average score 0.05 points - 257th of the decade)

This truly iconic entry from French trio TWIN TWIN is a definite earworm, with their energetic lead singers’ Jedward-like style hair, singing about wanting a moustache, over an infectious chorus. But in Copenhagen it crashed in at last place, only receiving 2 points, 1 point each from Sweden and Finland. It was the first time that France came in last place in its Eurovision history. It was also the first non-English language song to be in last place since the year 2000.

=1. The Makemakes - I Am Yours - AUSTRIA - 26th place in 2015 - 0.00% (0 points out of 468 - average score 0.00 points - 258th of the decade)

Now this one is a memorable performance! The Makemakes sing and then while on stage in the middle of the song their piano bursts into flames, which was intentionally part of the act. In the following year in Stockholm this moment was reenacted in a pastiche of past Eurovision songs called “Love Love Peace Peace” sung by co-hosts Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede during the interval of the Eurovision final. Its very funny!

Regardless of all the love for this song in 2015, Austria managed to receive nul points for this performance. Austria is also the first host country to score nul points and it was the fourth time Austria received nul points in its Eurovision history.

=1. Ann Sophia - Black Smoke - GERMANY - last place in 2015 - 0.00% (0 points out of 468 - average score 0.00 points - 258th of the decade)

The soulful pop-jazz number “Black Smoke” sung by Ann Sophie wasn’t the original winner of Germany’s Eurovision selection show ‘Unser Song für Österreich’ she was selected to represent Germany in Austria when Andreas Kümmert withdrew. Unfortunately Ann Sophia received nul points, in the same year as Austria. Due to a tiebreaker rule that favours the song performed earliest in the running order Austria was awarded the 26th place and Germany last place. Both countries became the first since 2003 to score nul points in the final. It was Germany’s third song in its Eurovision History to receive zero points.

So that's it, the bottom 20 songs of the decades in a Grand Final. We think there are a lot of gems and fan favourites in here. It goes to show that a low result can still help you go down in history in a good way... sometimes..


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