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The battle of the Eurovision 2021 zero pointers - who comes out on top?

Eurovision 2021 infamously saw four countries, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and The Netherlands, all receive zero points from the televote.

It was an unfortunate result but with Eurovision scoring it is entirely possible for a song to be liked across the board (from 11th place down) but not loved (in the top 10) by any nation.

So when it came to the televote, who did Europe love more out of the zero pointers?

We take a look at where every nation's televote placed these four countries and ranked the four songs using 12 points for 1st, 10 points for 2nd, 8 points for 3rd and 6 points for 4th.

So let's look at how they finished....

4th: United Kindgom - 298 points

James Newsman - 'Embers'

Unfortunately for the UK they not only scored zero points in the televote (and the jury), they also finished last with the televoters among these four nations.

It wasn't all bad news though with Malta and North Macedonia putting them on top out of the four nations and another 10 nations putting them in 2nd (including Australia and Ireland).

3rd: The Netherlands - 314 points

Jeangu Macrooy - 'Birth of a New Age'

The Dutch may have finished on top of the official scoreboard but they finish lower down in this ranking.

They received 12 points from neighbours Belgium and Germany while 10 other nations put them 2nd including most Scandinavians (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway).

2nd: Spain - 322 points

Blas Cantó - 'Voy A Quedarme'

The Spanish beat home the Dutch and the British thanks to 12 points from Portugal and Romania plus 14 sets of 2nd places.

Most of those were from Eastern Europe with Russia, Albania, Serbia, Slovenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Poland and Czech Republic giving them the 10 points.

1st: Germany - 446 points

Jendrik - 'I Don't Feel Hate'

When it came to the televote there was one clear winner out of the zero pointers.

They received 12 points (out of the four nations here) from 33 out of the 38 countries voting.

Although many mocked the song in comparison to its competitors, it obviously had something that got enough of Europe's attention to do reasonably well with the televote but without picking up points.

France and Lithuania were closest to giving Germany a point, putting Jendrik in 13th place.

So that's how the televote went, but let's take a look at the jury because it wasn't all bad for the Brits.

The jury vote

Despite being the only nation not to pick up actual points from the jury, when it was a battle between the four nations the UK didn't come out on the bottom.

Between the four Germany finished in 4th with 320 points, the UK in 3rd with 324 points, Spain 2nd with 356 points and The Netherlands win the jury with 380 points.

Will we see another voting shock like 2021 with four nil points in a row again? Who knows!

But what is guaranteed is that the four entries will be remembered in history far longer than if they picked up a point or two.

That must be some consolation for them all!


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