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Spain: Chanel wins Benidorm Fest, will go to Eurovision with 'SloMo'

This morning saw the final of Spain's new-look national final, Benidorm Fest, take place.

The eight qualifiying artists from semi-finals 1 and 2 again vied for votes form the public, Spanish jury and demoscopic panel.

At the end of the night, the act with the most votes - and the right to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin - was Chanel.

Just as her lyrics forecast, her “booty hypnotic [made Spain] want more” - she scored 96 points in total.

The track was written by Keith Harris, Ibere Fortes, Maggie Szabos, Arjen Thonen and 2021 Spanish entry songwriter Leroy Sánchez. The dance-pop song and hair-flicking choreography has already drawn comparisons to 2018 runner-up Eleni Foureira.

The results

In the end, it was a three-act race for top spot, with Chanel just edging out both Rigoberta Bandini and Tanxugueiras, the latter of which topped both the public and demoscopic polls.

The final rankings were:

  1. Chanel - 'SloMo', 96 points

  2. Rigoberta Bandini - 'Ay Mama', 91 points

  3. Tanxugueiras - 'TERRA', 90 points

  4. Rayden - 'Calle de Lloreria', 67 points

  5. Blanca Paloma - 'El Secreto de Agua', 61 points

  6. Varry Brava - 'Raffaela', 55 points

  7. Xeinn - 'Eco', 45 points

  8. Gonzalo Hermida - 'Quién lo diría', 35 points

The results were determined by:

  • 25% Televoting

  • 25% Demoscopic jury

  • 30% Spanish jury

  • 20% International jury

Who is Chanel? Born in Cuba in 1991, Chanel Terreras relocated to Spain with her family as a four-year-old. She has made a name for herself as a cast member in major musicals.

Fans of ‘Drag Race Espana’ might have spotted that Chanel’s Benidorm costume was designed by season 1 winner, Carmen Farala.


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