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Semi Final 1 Draw of Eurostream 2020 is out

This morning the draw of Eurostream 2020 was conducted and hosted by us, Aussievision!

The full order for semi final 1 was revealed with Sweden opening the show, Ukraine closing and Australia in 4th spot.

1. Sweden 2. Ireland 3. Belarus 4. Australia 5. Lithuania 6. Russia 7. North Macedonia 8. Slovenia 9. Azerbaijan 10. Norway 11. Israel 12. Malta 13. Croatia 14. Belgium 15. Romania 16. Cyprus 17. Ukraine

Eurostream 2020 is an alternative competition to the now cancelled Eurovision Song Contest.

This is a joint project between over 20 Eurovision fan sites including ourselves, ESCXTRA, ESC Insight and who arrange the ESC250 annual countdown.

There will be three live shows (semi final and Grand Final) with a 50% split between jury and public voting. They will take place on 5, 7 and 9 May, where you will be able to vote!

Eurostream is also looking for fans to be spokespeople for their natoinal jury - find out more about that here:

Eurostream 2020 can be found on Facebook and Twitter, where the latest information about the upcoming event will be shared. For answers on more practical questions regarding the project, broadcasts and voting, head to

Eurostream 2020 is a joint project between the following partners, listed here alphabetically: 12 Points From America,, Ding-a-Dong Podcast,,,,,,,,,,, EuroWhat? Podcast,,,,,


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