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SBS Eurovision 2021 Semi Final 2 replay – who did the Australian public like?

Following last night’s prime-time replay broadcast of the first semi final of Eurovision 2021, SBS continued with their prime-time broadcast of the second semi final tonight.

As mentioned in last night’s first semi final recap, fans watching could vote for their favourites on the night, but there was a change in the way SBS ran this.

Instead of heavily liking or disliking a performance for an overall percentage, they had option of four emojis to choose from, including:

  • Love

  • Like

  • Thumbs down

  • Laughing

So, how did the Australian public vote for the second semi final?

Here’s who got a LOVE reaction:

  • Iceland

  • Portugal

  • Finland

  • Switzerland

Here’s who got a LIKE reaction:

  • San Marino

  • Greece

  • Serbia

  • Bulgaria

Here’s who got a THUMBS DOWN reaction:

  • Estonia

  • Czech Republic

  • Austria

  • Poland

  • Moldova

  • Georgia

  • Albania

  • Latvia

And here’s who got a LAUGHING reaction:

  • Denmark

Let’s see how the public vote in the grand final replay tomorrow.

To see how the public voted last night, check out our semi-final 1 replay results article here.

Tune in tomorrow night at 7:30pm AEST on SBS or SBS On Demand.


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