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San Marino: Una Voce per San Marino 2023 Finalists revealed

The finalists of Una Voce per San Marino have been decided over the course of the week, with the last of the semi-finals broadcast this morning Australia time on the Sanmarinese Eurovision broadcaster San Marino RTV.

106 semi-finalists were whittled down to 22 finalists. The five semi-finals were recorded from February 18 to 20, before they were broadcast one by one from February 20 to 24. All these shows were hosted by Ilenia de Sena.

Host Ilenia de Sena / San Marino RTV

The first four semi-finals, broadcast from February 20 to 23, saw the artists perform in alphabetical order. From each of these semi-finals, four acts directly qualified to the final, whilst another four acts moved onto the second chance semi-final.

From the second chance semi-final, a further four acts qualified for the final which will be broadcast on February 25. Therefore a total of 22 acts will therefore compete in the show on Saturday evening.

All the semi-finalists were non-Sanmarinese acts. The two Sanmarinese artists that are still in the running at this stage of the selection automatically qualified to final of Una Voce per San Marino.

Here is a summary of the qualifiers of each of the semi-finals:

Semi-final 1, February 20

Directly qualified to final:

  1. Alfie Arcuri - 'Collide'

  2. Deborah Iurato - 'Out of Space'

  3. Deshedus - 'Non basterà"

  4. E.E.F. - 'Something for You'

Qualified for second-chance semi-final:

  1. Camilla - 'It's Not You, It's Me'

  2. Camille Cabaltera - 'Mental'

  3. Daudia - 'What If'

  4. Edoardo Brogi - 'Due punti sull'equatore'

Semi-final 2, February 21

Directly qualified to final:

  1. Effiel 65 - 'Movie Star'

  2. Ellynora - 'Mama Told Me'

  3. Iole - 'Sul tetto del mondo'

  4. Le Deva - 'Fiori su Marte'

Qualified for second-chance semi-final:

  1. FlexxGOK - 'God Only Knows'

  2. Florin Răduță - 'My Mind'

  3. Kiara D.V. feat. Pamela Ivonne Cole - 'My Time'

  4. La BebaeTocco - 'il fondo'

Semi-final 3, February 22

Directly qualified to final:

  1. Lorenzo Licitra - 'Never Give Up'

  2. Mayu - 'C'è qualcosa in me che non funziona'

  3. Nevruz - 'L'alieno'

  4. Piqued Jacks - 'Like an Animal'

Qualified for second-chance semi-final:

  1. Lost City feat. Emerique - 'Titan'

  2. Luna Palumbo - 'Batticuore'

  3. Mate - 'Prisma'

  4. Morgana - 'A Lonely Night in Shanghai'

Semi-final 4, February 23

Directly qualified to final:

  1. Thomas - '23:23'

  2. Tothem - 'Sacro e profano'

  3. Vina Rose - 'Oblivious'

  4. XGiove - 'Fuoco e benzina'

Qualified for second-chance semi-final:

  1. Raim - 'All Alone'

  2. Ronela - 'Salvaje'

  3. Roy Paci - 'Tromba'

  4. TES - Tutti Esageratamente Stronzi - 'Giovani di mezza età' (replaced Pjero who was disqualified for having published his song digitally two years earlier)

Second-chance semi-final, February 24

Qualified to final:

  1. Edoardo Brogi - 'Due punti sull'equatore'

  2. Mate - 'Prisma'

  3. Ronela - 'Salvaje'

  4. Roy Paci - 'Tromba'

The 22 acts that will perform in the final on February 25 are therefore as follows:

  1. Kida (Sanmarinese artist) - 'Stessa Pelle'

  2. Simone (Sanmarinese artist) - 'Catching Memories'

  3. Alfie Arcuri - 'Collide'

  4. Deborah Iurato - 'Out of Space'

  5. Deshedus - 'Non basterà"

  6. E.E.F. - 'Something for You'

  7. Effiel 65 - 'Movie Star'

  8. Ellynora - 'Mama Told Me'

  9. Iole - 'Sul tetto del mondo'

  10. Le Deva - 'Fiori su Marte'

  11. Lorenzo Licitra - 'Never Give Up'

  12. Mayu - 'C'è qualcosa in me che non funziona'

  13. Nevruz - 'L'alieno'

  14. Piqued Jacks - 'Like an Animal'

  15. Thomas - '23:23'

  16. Tothem - 'Sacro e profano'

  17. Vina Rose - 'Oblivious'

  18. XGiove - 'Fuoco e benzina'

  19. Edoardo Brogi - 'Due punti sull'equatore'

  20. Mate - 'Prisma'

  21. Ronela - 'Salvaje'

  22. Roy Paci - 'Tromba'

In the Final is The Voice Australia winner and 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2019 artist Alfie Arcuri who traveled straight from Sydney last week to perform.

You can check out our interview with him about his UVPSM 2023 experience and more.

The Una Voce per San Marino final will be held at Teatro Nuovo, with the result decided 100% by a professional jury. Senhit, who represented San Marino at Eurovision in 2011 and 2021, has been announced as the host of the final. It will be broadcast from 21:00 CET on February 25 in San Marino, or the morning of February 26 for Australian viewers (07:00 AEDT). A live stream of the show can be found at this link on the San Marino RTV website.

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