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Norway's Melodi Grand Prix - Semi-Final 3 artists and songs revealed

The Norwegian national final Melodi Grand Prix continues this weekend, with the third heat of five set to take place on Saturday (Sunday morning Australian time).

Norway's state broadcaster, NRK, has released the list of artists and titles behind the songs competing in this weekend's third heat, and the songs have also been released on Spotify. Check them out below:

Dinaye - 'Own Yourself'

(Music and lyrics: Christian Ingebrigtsen, David Thulin and Dina Matheussen (Dinaye))

17-year-old Dinaye is no stranger to Melodi Grand Prix, having reach the final of the junior version (MGPjr) in 2016. She previously competed as a dancer on Norway's Got Talent, and in 2020 competed on the Norwegian version of the Idol franchise. 'Own Yourself' is co-written by Dinaye and features lines in Amharic, reflecting her Ethiopian heritage.

Big Daddy Karsten - 'Smile'

(Music and lyrics: Karsten Dahl Marcussen, Are Næsset and Pål Gauslaa Sivertzen)

Said by NRK to be Scandinavia's only openly gay rapper, Big Daddy Karsten will make his MGP debut with 'Smile'. Known for his honest and heartfelt rap, 32-year-old Karsten has performed at Pride festivals all over Norway, as well as in the UK.

Emmy - 'Witch Woods'

(Music and lyrics: Olli Äkräs, Elsa Søllesvik, Morten Franck)

Previously competing at MGPjr in 2016 with 'Aiaiaiai', 20-year-old Emmy debuts at this year's adult edition with 'Witch Woods'. A former member of children's choir Soul Children and a visual communications student at the University of Southeast Norway, Emmy has written over a hundred songs including her biggest hit, 'Bjørnar'.

Ole Hartz - 'Vi er Norge'

(Music and lyrics: Rein Mellbye Van Vliet, Eirik Næss, Ole F. Hartz Gravbråten, Magnus Hagen Clausen and Petter Bjørklund Kristiansen)

24-year-old Ole Hartz takes to the MGP stage for the first time in 2021, singing his Norwegian-language song 'Vi er Norge', which translates as 'We Are Norway'. Hartz is an established presence among young music fans in Norway and Sweden known for interesting melodies and witty lyrics. His previous single, 'Jeg vil ha ribbe' (I Want Ribs), featured Norwegian TikTok star Ida Celine.

The songs are available to listen to here:

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