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  • Cooper Olsen

Norway Melodi Grand Prix Semi-Final 4 - Aussievision's winner

This weekend is the fourth semi-final of Norway’s national selection of Melodi Grand Prix.

Earlier this week Norwegian broadcaster NRK revealed four artists and songs that would be competing and the Aussievision team have voted on our favourite entries.

The songs were released on Spotify (you can access here) and the Aussievision team each chose their favourite entries in this weekend’s semi-final.

Here are the results:

1st: KiiM - ‘My Lonely Voice’ (6 votes)

Cooper: "I think this song is very much needed in the MGP final. There’s a lot of upbeat numbers and something to change pace will really work in the final and this song is it. It is a very well produced track with a great vocal. It’s biggest competition this semi-final is ‘Pages’. But with Pages being another joik-pop number in similar vein to Keiino, I think KiiM has a great shot of qualifying.”

Steven: “If KIIM’s beautiful, almost ethereal voice can be replicated as well live as it is recorded, then WOW. ‘My Lonely Voice’ stands out amongst its fellow MGP entrants and it’s that point of difference that can mean that a song shines.”

Kyriakos: “Wow wow wow!! What beautiful vocals!! His voice just enchanted me from the first few lines. The song overall is beautiful song. Cannot wait to hear ‘My Lonely Voice’ live, hope he captures that emotion.”

Josh: “A classic by the numbers Eurovision power ballad, but that isn’t an insult. I like the powerful voice with impactful piano and strings in the background driving the continuous momentum. Reminds me of a lower budget version of Arcade in the best way. While I don’t think this song will reach the Eurovision contest due to KEiiNo, never-mind win it altogether, I do think it will triumph by a large margin in this Semi Final and do well at the MGP final.” Emma: “There's always room for a strong male ballad in a national final and this delivers. It's contemporary, shows off KiiM's amazing vocals and should appeal to a wide demographic. I love the way his voice does indeed sound 'lonely'at times during the track.”

Hugo: “That vocal! Wow! I really hope he can nail that live. Filled with emotion, the song is delicate at the start then builds so nicely with a big finish. There’s a dreamy quality to KiiM’s voice that is so appealing. A very strong ballad to compliment all the upbeat numbers in this year’s MGP already. ‘Pages’ a close second from the four.”

2nd: Landeveiens Helter - 'Alt det der' (4 votes)

Dale: "Hard to go past KiiM because his voice is incredible, but ultimately I preferred this song. The boys bring together a nicely put together, if not a tad dated, little entry here. It's a bit of a rock/pop schlager anthem that wouldn't have been out of place a few decades ago but still works today. Well for me anyway!”

Guy: "It does sound a little dated (in fact the electric guitar riff takes me back to the ‘Friends’ theme song), but this is really catchy and I’m never one to mark down a song for serving up classic sounds in the contest. It has an anthemic sounding chorus that you could imagine a crowd at a gig or a pub singing along too. It would add a nice bit of diversity to the final if this makes it through.”

Laura: "There's something really charming and nostalgic about this entry. It sounds like The Corrs-style 90s soft rock with a bit of a country/pub rock edge to it, and it's quite easy to sing along with the chorus, even though I don't know very much Norwegian at all. I'm confident that the supergroup can bring a hearty dose of energy to liven up the stage!"

Fleur: "This one is the most catchy and memorable of this week’s songs. I really enjoy the folksy rock schlager going on here. I miss these vintage type of songs at Eurovision. If I understood Norwegian, I would be singing along."

3rd: Marianne Pentha & Mikkel Gaup - ‘Pages’ (3 votes)

Wade: "To me it's the most memorable of the four, easy to sing along to, and the backing vocals keep it interesting. Special shoutout to KiiM's vocals, he sounds like a blend of Safia and Alter Bridge, but as pleasant My Lonely Voice sounds - I forgot any hooks the song had after a few minutes. That's why Pages gets the win in my book.”

Ruby: "The voices of Mikkel and Marianne work well, with a lovely blend and build in the chorus, making this entry one of the most memorable, and I particularly enjoy the Sámi representation. Will be adding to my 'what not to do while reading' playlist.”

Ford: "Pages is a really memorable song out of the four for this heat, and their voices meld together beautifully. It really stands out from the other three entries, and now it's stuck in my head."

4th: Royane - ‘Circus’ (1 votes)

Mike: "I’m liking the urban vibe of this song. The production gives the song some very distinct portions and Royane delivers the lyrics with a great degree of attitude and sass. Judging by some of her previous videos, she’s a very visual artist. So I’m expecting her to deliver a memorable performance."

It seems that this semi-final will be a close race but the Aussievision team has chosen KiiM has our favourite act before the show. Of course it is all up to Norway next weekend to decide which artist will qualify to the final.

Semi-final 4 will also see the pre-qualified act Atle Pettersen performing her entry 'World on Fire’ which will be released on Friday.

The fourth semi-final takes place 19:50 CET Saturday 6 February which is 05:50 AEDT Sunday 7 February.

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