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Norway: Melodi Grand Prix 2022 semi-final 4 preview

Norway's Melodi Grand Prix continues its 60th edition this weekend with semi-final 4.

Each semi-final consists of four artists competing in multiple duels that will result with one act advancing direct to the final.

These four songs will be joined in the Grand Final by the five pre-qualified entries, as well as the second chance act that will be selected from the 12 songs that didn't advance from their respective semi-finals.

Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) semi-final 4 lineup is:

Alexandra Joner – 'Hasta La Vista'

Alexandra Joner is a Norwegian-Cuban singer, dancer, and actress, raised in Oslo. She first appeared on Norwegian TV screens when at 16-years-old she competed in the dance competition show 'Dansefeber'. In addition to being an artist, she is also a model in the makeup and beauty industry. In 2012, she released the song 'Sunrise' with Madcon, which was certified triple platinum in Norway. In 2015, she participated in MGP for the first time, with the song ‘Cinderella’ which didn’t make it to the grand finale. She participates in this year's MGP with the song 'Hasta la vista', saying goodbye to boring and bad boys.

Maria Mohn – 'Fly'

Maria Mohn is a 38-year-old artist, songwriter, entertainer, and vocal coach. She is a graduate of the Norwegian Academy of Music and is renowned for her great voice. She has sung in the prestigious award nominated vocal group PUST, in the Norwegian Soloist Choir and has been featured on Norway Idol. In 2020, she participated in MGP with the duet 'Fool for Love' together with Kim Wigaard, one of her opponents in this semi-final. Maria has written this year's contribution, 'Fly', for her three children.

Kim Wigaard – 'La melodia'

Kim Wigaard is a well-established artist in the Norwegian music industry. Throughout his accomplished career, he has sung at the Norwegian Opera and Ballet, Off-Broadway in New York and been a soloist for a sold-out Oslo Concert Hall. Kim studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music, the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and the Manhattan School of Music in New York. He participated in the Melodi Grand Prix in 2020 with the duet 'Fool for Love' together with Maria Mohn, whom he may have to face off against in order to secure a spot in the MGP finale.

Sofie Fjellvang – 'Made of Glass'

Sofie Fjellvang is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter and her big breakthrough came when she reached the final of The Voice in 2021. Fjellvang is currently working on her debut EP, collaborating with Kjetil Mørland who achieved 8th place in Eurovision 2015 for Norway. Kjetil and Sofie have written the song ‘Made Of Glass’ together and hope that it can reach the same levels success ‘A Monster Like Me’ achieved in the 2015 contest.

Subwoolfer – ‘Give That Wolf a Banana’

The biggest band in the Galaxy, first formed 4.5 billion years ago on their home planet, the moon. Since then the brothers, Keith and Jim, have conquered the music scene on every planet, making them the most successful pop group ever.

Or at least, that is the story we have been told.

This novelty-EDM-pop hybrid is dividing Eurovision fans across the globe. Many eagle-eyed fans speculate that this duo are actually comedy and one-time pop duo Ylvis, in disguise. The duo had a bizarre and surprising global hit with ‘The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)’ in 2013. The two acts share a little too many co-incidences, from their knack for writing about animals, being brothers and even sharing the same record label. Let’s hope we will find out soon!

How to watch

You can watch 'Melodi Grand Prix' live on the NRK website

Semi-final 4 will take place this weekend:

  • European time - 7:50 pm (CET) on Saturday February 5

  • Australian time - 5:50 am (AEDT) on Sunday February 6


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