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Norway: Aussievision's Melodi Grand Prix 2022 semi-final 4 rankings

The fourth and final semi-final of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2022 is happening this weekend!

Melodi Grand Prix involves four semi-finals and two second chance rounds before the contest will culminate in the Grand Final on Saturday 19 February (European time).

The Aussievision team has listened and voted on the four competing songs this weekend and voted for our favourite entry each.

Here are our rankings from fourth down to first:

4. Kim Wigaard - 'La Melodia' (0 votes)

3. Alexandra Joner - 'Hasta La Vista' (2 votes)

"This song just sounds fun. It’s got a great Latin American sound to it which I can appreciate for being a bit different. It’s quite catchy and I can see it being popular and standing out this week." ~ Tim

"This song is a great summer bop. It’s got a contemporary sound and could be a radio hit. I love the accordion (or harmonica?) riff - it gives it a great uplifting vibe." ~ Guy

2. Maria Mohn - 'Fly' (5 votes)

"Another viking-esque sea shanty, but I like this one more than last week's. It has more of a modern vibe, so it appealed more to me. Maria's voice is perfect for this song, you get the impression that she is reading a story to you - in a way only a Nordic goddess can." ~ Fleur

"The production on this is more polished than the other three contenders. This is the closest to being on my playlist, though I'm not a huge fan of the chorus lyrically. Oh well." ~ Wade

"This is a really good and dynamic entry from Maria. The song had a very Nordic vibe to it and could come alive on stage. My only fear is that it may be too close to Hammer of Thor in genres that they would cancel each other out if this makes the final." ~ Cooper

"Maria's voice is is angelic and there's some beautiful production here. 'Fly' is a bit Disney like but this should lend itself to some over the top Nordic themed staging which I love. I can't wait to see it performed live." ~ Emma

1. Sofie Fjellvang - 'Made of Glass' (6 votes)

"I’m not sure this is the best song of the bunch (not sure any of them are particularly good) but I think Sofie has the potential to deliver an outstanding vocal performance (think Polina or Dami). Her studio vocal is really outstanding, and replicating that explosive chorus live could leave the competition for dead." ~ Mark

"‘Made of Glass’ is the best song out of this selection. Great vocals and nice build up in the song." ~ Kyriakos

"This isn't breaking any new ground but it's a really nice and solid Scandi power mid-tempo ballad. It has a bit of 'Undo', a bit of 'Attention' but just a little more upbeat. If Sofie can smash this vocal it could be really impactful live." ~ Dale

"This seemed the most complete song to me. It did need a couple of listens for it to really stick with me. However, overall it is a well written song and if Sofie can bring a good vocal this should stand out above its competitors in this Semi Final." ~ Mike

"A really really solid Scandi pop song, and the best in this four for me. On some listens, this is really generic, and on others I really like it. No doubt there will be a slick live performance, and I'm sure Sofie can sing. This all screams very safe and middling, but as a song I still like it. This comment does not sound overly positive, but I do like this song nonetheless, just perhaps a bit of a "nothing-y" Eurovision song." ~ Hugo

"Killer vocals (which I really hope Sofie can replicate live) over a good - if unsurprising - melody that builds nicely at the two-minute mark. Another strong entry from the writer behind Rebecca’s robbed 'Who We Are' and Ulrikke’s MGP 2020 winner: Mørland 😍." ~ Steven

You can tune into Melodi Grand Prix this weekend via broadcaster NRK at 19:55 CET Saturday 5 February / 5:55 AEDT Sunday 6 February.


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