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Myf Warhurst reveals her rocky start as a Eurovision commentator in her new book

Book cover: Hachette / Photo of Myf and Joel: Andrew Baker Photographer

Australia's Eurovision commentator Myf Warhurst has released a memoir, 'Time of My Life', where she shares funny, fabulous and occasionally fraught tales about growing up in a small country town, her obsession with the music show 'Countdown', working on Australian radio, her experiences on 'Spicks & Specks' and commentating for Australia at Eurovision!

In the new book, Myf devotes a whole chapter about her time as Australia's Eurovision commentator, a job she shares with the always fabulous Joel Creasey.

The pair have been Eurovision commentators since 2017 and in 2019 they also became hosts for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'.

Myf reveals in 'Time of My Life' that it wasn't all smooth sailing for the pair. They had a rocky start, which began soon after it was announced that they will be taking the commentating reigns.

Myf and Joel took over for Sam Pang and Julia Zemiro, who commentated the Contest for SBS from 2009 to 2016.

The decision to step down had been on their own accord but despite this, the backlash from some Australia Eurovision fans began. Myf refers to the first Eurovision year as a "debacle":

"Our first year commentating was what you might call, politely, a debacle. We were in Ukraine, following the win by singer–songwriter Jamala, who beat out Our Dami’s ‘Sound of Silence’ for the top spot. Joel and I were facing a lot of backlash around our appointment from the hardcore Eurovision fans. I totally get this. People like what they like and they don’t like change, and after eight years in the gig, Sam and Julia were much loved. We knew we had a lot to prove on that first broadcast."

Unfortunately things only got worse. As the first early morning live show started the satellite connection dropped out with Myf saying "it was a horrific way to kick off our new chapter."

"Suffice to say, our first morning did not go down well and we were hit with a barrage of criticism online. Some of the Eurovision fans who were angry then are still angry at us now. They probably want to be doing the job themselves. But it got better! And we have been asked back every year since. Thankfully, seven years down the track, the ratings are better than ever so it seems we may have even won a few more fans over."

When it comes to Australia's participation in the Contest, Myf finds it a privilege to watch Australia's representatives on the big stage. She also is proud to be hosting 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' along with Joel.

"The fact that we also get to host Australia Decides, the Australian qualifier extravaganza on the Gold Coast each year, is just an added bonus. We’re proud to be able to have something that we have done from the very beginning, that enhances Australia’s involvement in the biggest song contest in the world."

Myf expresses her pride in being part of such a big global event like Eurovision.

"I’m proud to commentate this crazy exhibition of talent, theatricality and music and to get the balance right between jokes about the sheer wackiness of it all, while appreciating the serious musicality of it too. It takes extraordinary skill to write a great pop song or ballad, and for too long this has not been acknowledged by critics and the wider music community, who predominantly thought that pop music was the trashier, more feminine and therefore less-valued side to contemporary music."

Myf also shares many stories over the Contests they have commentated at, but you'll have to buy the book to find out more.

'Time of My Life' is an absolute must read. Myf has definitely bumped into many walks of life and you get to know the much loved music guru more than you ever did before.

You can catch Myf during her book tour in October as she travels across Australia. Details in the post below:

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