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Mimicat will represent Portugal at Eurovision 2023 with 'Ai Coração'

This morning, the final national final of 2023 took place in Lisbon with the broadcast of Festival da Canção 2023.

After a tense and hotly-contested voting segment, Mimicat took out the victory, and will represent Portugal in Liverpool for Eurovision 2023 with her song 'Ai Coração'.

Mimicat is a soul singer from Coimbra, a city in the north of Portugal. She has released a string of singles and two albums since starting her musical career in 2014. She was one of two entries to enter Festival da Canção this year through the open submissions process, rather than being invited by broadcaster RTP.

Full Results

Results were determined by the televote and a series of regional juries allocating points in a 50/50 split (using the classic Eurovision scoring system from 12 down to 1).

The jury results were as follows:

12 Points: Mimicat - ‘Ai coração’

12 Points: Edmundo Inácio - ‘A festa’

8 Points: Cláudia Pascoal - ‘Nasci Maria’

7 Points: You Can't Win, Charlie Brown - ‘Contraste mudo’

6 Points: Ivandro - ‘Povo’

5 Points: Neon Soho - ‘Endless World’

4 Points: Esse Povo - ‘Sapatos de cimento’

3 Points: Bárbara Tinoco - ‘Goodnight’

2 Points: Inês Apenas - ‘Fim do mundo’

1 Point: SAL - ‘Viver’

0 Points: Churky - ‘Encruzilhada’

0 Points: Voodoo Marmalade - ‘Tormento’

0 Points: Dapunksportif - ‘World Needs Therapy’

Once the televote was added, this meant the final ranking was as follows:

24 Points: Mimicat - ‘Ai coração’

22 Points: Edmundo Inácio - ‘A festa’

12 Points: Cláudia Pascoal - ‘Nasci Maria’

9 Points: Bárbara Tinoco - ‘Goodnight’

9 Points: Ivandro - ‘Povo’

8 Points: Dapunksportif - ‘World Needs Therapy’

7 Points: Voodoo Marmalade - ‘Tormento’ 7 Points: You Can't Win, Charlie Brown - ‘Contraste mudo’

5 Points: Churky - ‘Encruzilhada’ 5 Points: Neon Soho - ‘Endless World’

4 Points: Esse Povo - ‘Sapatos de cimento’

3 Points: SAL - ‘Viver’

3 Points: Inês Apenas - ‘Fim do mundo’

We will now see Mimicat in Liverpool, where she will perform as part of the first semifinal.

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