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Latvia: Aussievision's Top 5 Supernova 2022 wildcard entries

Images of the 10 wildcard artists competing in Latvia's Supernova 2022
Image credit: LTV

Within the next 24 hours, the winner of Latvia's Supernova wildcard will be announced. The lucky artist will join the 16 semi-finalists onstage for the live shows on 5 February, competing for the honour of being Latvia's Eurovision 2022 representative. Out of 130 songs submitted to Supernova 2022, these 10 entries were ranked 17th-26th overall by the selection panel.

The Aussievision team have listened to the songs and voted for their favourite wildcard candidate. Eleven contributors took part in this ranking, with only five of the 10 wildcard entries receiving votes from the team.

Here are the Aussievision team rankings from 5th down to 1st.

=5. Marta Ritova - 'Let Me Go' (1 vote)

"For me, it is one of the better songs. Her voice is fine, the song is fine. None of these songs are reinventing the wheel, but this one is a pleasant listen without me desperately wanting to skip it." ~ Fleur

=5. Tētis - 'Labākie vārdi' (1 vote)

"'Labākie vārdi' is so ethereal and lush; the acoustic sounds and beautiful Latvian language transport me to a picturesque forest. The string instrumentation and the song's overall production is raw yet polished. Fans of Taylor Swift's 'evermore' album should feel right at home with this. While 'Labākie vārdi' may be a more subdued choice compared to some of the other songs in the wildcard round, I think this would be a worthy addition to the Supernova semi-final line-up." ~ Laura

"'Labākie vārdi' was a really intriguing song. I didn't know if I loved it but it took me on an unusual journey that I couldn't stop listening to. Again, it's always great to hear the Latvian language and this gave me slight male 'Esamība' vibes." ~ Dale

" I think this has very little chance of making it through this wild card heat, and even less chance of making it to Eurovision this year, but lordy what a lovely piece of composition. This has some really beautiful instrumentation that conjures a mood and creates more of a feeling than anything else in this set of songs. Not my favourite song of the lot, but worthy of a shout-out!" ~Craig

3. Dārta Stepanova - 'Brīnumzeme' (2 votes)

"I love the strings in this and the way it builds when the beat kicks in. The vocals sound great and I like the lyrics about escaping bad times by dreaming at night." ~ Guy

"There are a good many things to like about Brīnumzeme: I like Dārta’s voice, the song goes in unexpected directions, it features great builds reminiscent of a power ballad of the 80s/90s (catnip to me!). In short, I bought into the “wonderland”." ~ Steven

"'Brīnumzeme' is a really sweet song in Latvian language and I love to see that. A pleasant song and hope to see more language representation." ~ Dale

2. Tom Kalderauskis - 'Naked Smile' (3 votes)

"This is a well produced and well put together pop song. Does it doing anything new? Not at all... but that chorus is memorable, he sounds good, he has slight Scandi vibes and it just feels a commercial cut above the rest. Instantly likeable, my wildcard choice." ~ Dale

"On first listen, this song sounds the most complete. The production does delve into 80s inspired, but it suits the driving chorus and his vocal execution. The chorus itself is strong and does stick with you well after the song finishes. There’s nothing here breaking new ground , but as a package this really works for me and it’s something I would choose to listen to." ~Mike

"To be honest - best of a bunch I wasn't quite keen on!" ~ Hayley

1. Katrīna Dimanta - 'My Voice' (4 votes)

"'My Voice' instantly caught my attention. I found it to be the most catchiest out of the 10 songs for me. I love the string instrument that carries throughout the song. I also love Katrīna's vocals she gives herself some really nice moments at the end." ~ Kyriakos

"I love the groovy Celtic country feel of this. It's a very interesting arrangement with both traditional and modern elements and Katrina has a beautiful voice." ~ Emma

"This song is giving me Florence + the Machine B-side, but it builds well and creates a compelling soundscape with interesting instrumentation. I think it would stand a good chance against the 16 songs we've already heard out of Latvia!" ~ Craig

"It has a very authentic sound compared to the other entries. It sounds like it would belong on a stage. The music is unique and different and it seems like it would stand out." ~ Tim

LTV will announce the winner of the wildcard vote on 15 January 2022.

The most popular wildcard entry as chosen by voters, will perform with the other 16 semi-finalists in the semi-final of Supernova on Saturday 5 February (Sunday 6 February in Australia), with the final taking place on Saturday 12 February (Sunday 13 February in Australia).


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