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Jaguar Jonze releases powerful new EP 'victim impact statement'

Yesterday, 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' artist Jaguar Jonze released her new EP 'victim impact statement'.

The raw and powerful three-track EP was accompanied by a short film under the same name.

She said she created the EP as a source of empowerment.

"The victim impact statement EP + film was written as a gift to myself. To return my voice and own my body - this is my protest. To give myself permission to feel and grieve, rage and cry. To remind myself why I came into art and music in the first place. To repair; move forward. To take back my potential and take up the space I deserve in this world. To rely on myself for justice," she said in a statement.

Jaguar Jonze was a fierce advocate against sexual abuse, particularly within the industry, but in her full statement says this did take a personal toll.

"When I made the choice to go public with the incident, it came at an insurmountable cost... For the last five years, I have relived the violation of my body again and again in every room, on every stage, across newspapers, screens, websites and whispers until I was no longer one of you," she explains.

Read Jaguar Jonze's full statement at:

'victim impact statement' is available on all streaming services and through a limited edition, self-portrait vinyl. You can purchase the vinyl at:

If you or someone you know is experiencing, or at risk of experiencing domestic, family or sexual violence, please seek support.


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