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Italy: Mahmood & Blanco win Sanremo

In another hotly contested festival the duo of Mahmood & Blanco proved too strong - taking home the Golden Lion on the final evening of Sanremo 2022 with the entry 'Brividi’ (Translation: 'Shivers'). Mahmood & Blanco have lead the odds and provisional results from start to finish of this years festival - it was unsurprising seeing them win.

Mahmood is a familiar face to Eurovision, winning Sanremo in 2019 with 'Soldi' and going on to finish second at Eurovision for Italy. Blanco debuted at Sanremo this year in fine form. Both have very large and passionate fan bases locally.

“'Brividi' has an important message, that of freedom, which is a universal theme. The desire to express all the love possible, even when there’s the fear of making mistakes and feeling inadequate, unable to convey what you feel.” -Mahmood & Blanco

Sanremo runs over five nights with the final evening this morning locally. Throughout the contest the pair have taken the charts by storm - gaining #1 on Spotify Italy Top 50, #1 on the Italian YouTube trends and as high as #5 on the Global Spotify charts.

It's to be noted that the winner of Sanremo will not necessarily go onto to represent Italy at Eurovision 2022. A decision is sometimes made on stage, shortly after the show or days later. It is up to the winner. In all circumstances follow us here at Aussievision to stay up to date with the latest news.

Could Italy do the double at Eurovision 2022 with Mahmood & Blanco? To stay up to date with the announcements from Italy follow @aussievisionnet on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


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