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Guy Sebastian releases his new single ‘Standing With You’

Guy Sebastian has released his much anticipated new single ‘Standing With You’. It’s the fourth single released from his forthcoming album, which will be his ninth studio album.

It comes after weeks of teasers on his socials, including lines of lyrics, a piano performance featuring a snippet of the song, and a video message explaining that the lyrics of the songs are very personal to him. He shared:

“A family member of mine was going through a very tough time, and he was brave enough to share his battle with his own mental health, and that inspired this song.”

He goes on to explain that the song also has relevance to the events that are currently playing out in the world.

“So much of this year has been about standing up for what’s right, and also looking after each other. With the virus it’s all about protecting the vulnerable, and now with everything that’s happening with the protests - about changing things that have been in place for so long that need to change, and I feel like we’re all standing with each other”.

Guy was the first artist to represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2015. He finished in fifth place, which is Australia’s second best result so far. Since the Contest he has been active on the Australian and International stage, releasing music, touring, songwriting, producing for other artists, being a regular coach on The Voice Australia, working with multiple charities, and actively campaigning for support for artists during the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the current season of The Voice he is coaching Johnny Manuel (a member of Equinox, who represented Bulgaria in the 2018 contest).

So far there has been no title or release date announced for the full album.

‘Standing With You’ is available now on iTunes and Google Play and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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