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Germany: Malik Harris reacts to Eurovision 2022 songs including Sheldon Riley's 'Not The Same'

Image credit: taken from clip

Germany's Eurovision 2022 representative Malik Harris has released a video where he reacts to entries from this years Contest and reveals that he is a fan of Sheldon's entry, 'Not The Same'.

In the latest part one video Malik reacts to entries from the United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, Norway, Belgium and Ukraine.

You can check out Malik's reaction to Sheldon's performance from the 4:49 mark.

In the video Malik talks in German, so our multilingual contributor from the Aussievision team, Steven Garner, has translated Malik's reaction to Sheldon Riley's 'Not The Same' from Australia Decides 2022.

“I think the Australian entry is great. Really good.

Great voice.

And it’s live! That’s crazy!

I can’t say anything. I don’t want to interrupt as he’s singing.

(turns down volume)

This is actually what I love.

When it’s pared back, and there’s a piano, a great voice … sometimes you don’t need anything more from music.

It’s great. He stands there and delivers.

It’s like a dramatic scene from a movie.

I’ve got to continue playing it.

It’s really live?! It’s crazy. It sounds like it’s a CD.

I also love it when someone sings and it’s great and then they take it up a level and you’re like “wow”.

And then it goes up another level.

Again, I’ve gotta say, I’m a fan.

It’s a great track. As I said, I love how pared back it is. It’s a guy standing there and telling his story.

The outfit? Well, I wouldn’t wear it personally, but it’s an interesting choice.

Yeah, I like the song.”

Malik was selected to represent Germany at Eurovision in Turin after winning the national final 'Germany 12 Points' with his entry 'Rockstars'.

With Germany being one of the "Big Five" countries, Malik will be performing in the Eurovision Grand Final on May 14.

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