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German metalcore band Eskimo Callboy launch Eurovision campaign

German metalcore band Eskimo Callboy sent fans into a frenzy overnight when they released their official campaign to be the German act at Eurovision 2022.

The group released a video outlining their case for the Contest sharing their successful recent songs, high selling tours across Europe and a special campaign video featuring their single 'Pump It' (which is around 3:00 minutes long..).

They also launched the #EC4ESC hashtage (Eskimo Callboy for Eurovision Song Contest) giving a rousing call out to fans saying,

"So if you want pure energy, if you want to see muscles made of steel, if you want to see the best show of your whole fucking life, you better choose us, so see us in Torino!"

The campaign has not gone unnoticed with Eurovision and metalcore fans here in Australia and abroad getting behind them.

Included in that mix is Paul 'Browny' Brown from Australia's leading alternative music publication 'Wall of Sound', who is supporting the campaign saying,

"We’re going to officially get behind the Eskimo Callboy lads because they’ve put their hands right up to represent Germany... The band who broke onto the scene with their hit Hypa Hypa‘ have made a name for themselves as the party going guys in the core scene with their outrageous music videos, party anthem jams and all round good times."

So can they actually go to Eurovision?

Well Germany's submission process closed on 30 November and all songs will be reviewed by a six-person panel that include radio and TV representatives plus Germany's Head of Delegation.

A shortlist of songs will go into German national selection show 'Lied für Turin' (Song for Turin) in March.

Artists are expected to find out in December if they are shortlisted, so this video may be to help drum up public support before a decision or they know something we don't and already have their eyes on March.

Regardless, we're looking forward to seeing what Germany serves up for us in 2022!


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