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Finland: Aussievision's UMK 2022 rankings

The Finnish National Final - Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) will take place on 26 February (the morning of 27 February Australian time (yes right after Australia Decides!) The winner will be decided by a mixed vote from the public and a jury.

Fourteen Aussievision team members have listened and voted on the seven songs in UMK 2022. The full results, including comments from the contributors, are below.

7. Tommi Läntinen - 'Elämä kantaa mua' (33 points)

Highs: 8 points Kyriakos

Lows: 1 point Wade, Guy, Cooper, Steven, Tim

"I actually really quite like this, it's catchy and the song has a schlager rock element to it. It's only this low as the competition is tight." ~ Dale

"There’s always a place for the obligatory Finnish music legend at UMK. As endearing as it is, it’s not going to win and it’s not the best song in the competition. I do enjoy this though." ~Fleur

"Resident old guy from Finland in the selection. I don't dislike it, but the modern looking video and texting effects and modern looking outfits has a bit of Steve Buscemi's "how do you do fellow kids" (it's a meme, look it up!)." ~Hugo

6. The Rasmus - 'Jezebel' (74 points)

Highs: 12 points Liv, 10 points Kyriakos, Wade, Dale, Tim

Lows: 1 point Guy, Mark, Craig, Hayley

"I don't think this is necessarily the best choice in terms of Eurovision potential - but I'm sure I'm not alone in LIVING for this 2000s anthemic rock sound. The lyrics leave a lot to be desired but that chorus packs PUNCH. I think the local love for The Rasmus will make them extremely difficult to beat." ~Liv

"What a catchy track from The Rasmus. I didn't know what to expect but the band really delivered." ~Kyriakos

"Reminiscent of their glory days, with a great opening 30 seconds. A memorable chorus too, but it's slightly let down by some questionable lyrics that are scattered about." ~Wade

5. Olivera – 'Thank God I’m an Atheist' (79 points)

Highs: 12 points Hayley, Craig, 10 points Mark, Cooper

Lows: 1 point Kyriakos, Hugo, Fleur

"What a unique voice! Olivera is bringing a beautiful entry that has gotten a lot of people talking. I think this song could excel live and be a dark horse in this national final." ~ Cooper

"This song hit me in the guts on first listen. From the ironic title - in which Olivera thanks *God* for being an atheist - to the lyrics where she elucidates a complex relationship with religion and spirituality, it's lyrically the best track of the season so far - profound without feeling overwrought. More importantly, after two years of living in a pandemic, Olivera's melancholy nihilism met me exactly where I am right now and made me feel something. I'm not kidding when I say this is my favourite song of the national final season so far." ~Craig

"Her voice is so unique, and while it isn't for everyone I know, I think it suits the song. On first listen, I chose another song for my max points but just getting drawn back to this one (even as a rock devotee). I like the irony of the title and I quite like the lyrics as well. This is a tough National Final however, and I just don't think she will be the one to go to Turin though - this song is quite decisive and I am not sure how this quieter song will go against the all the rock that Finland brings." ~Hayley

"Atheists unite! Some of these lyrics are clunky, yes. And despondent too. But hey, them’s the times we are living in. I’m a sucker for a unusual singing tone, and Olivera certainly has that in spades. There’s also a genuinely beautiful melody here given some meat every time the bass drum hits." ~Mark

4. Cyan Kicks - 'Hurricane' (91 points)

Highs: 12 points Hugo, Fleur, 10 points Emma

Lows: 1 point Dale

"Nothing we haven’t heard before (several times) but it’s a smart blend of rock and dance and pop, which makes it’s more palatable to me - and presumably to others too." ~Mark

"Wow UMK is bringing it this year. There’s about 5 songs that I would be happy with winning, but ‘Hurricane’ is my favourite. This is perfect for Eurovision. Rock is what Finland does best. This has a distinctive Nordic sound but has enough commercial appeal. Just lop off about 10 seconds, give it some MaNga-esque staging and it should be good to go." ~Fleur

"The most impactful out of this selection for me, and I love the sound of the song. Comparisons will be drawn to obviously Blind Channel rock and also that Avril Lavigne pop rock sound, but this is far more contemporary and different to either of those. Perhaps a little basic in song structure, and I think there was more room for oomph in the chorus, but I still really like this song and I love the tone of the lead singer. Lordi and Blind Channel were hard rock, Softengine was rock-pop, and this is pop-rock; if you've got a national identity that works, why change." ~Hugo

3. Younghearted - 'Sun numero' (99 points)

Highs: 12 points Wade, Mark, 10 points Fleur, Craig, Hayley

Lows: 1 point Liv, 2 points Steven, Kyriakos

"The Finnish language is beautiful, and this sounds like something straight out of a movie soundtrack. It's tranquil, meaningful and worth repeated listens, and left a lasting impression on me." ~Wade

"This song has this steady, gentle growth from something introspective and melancholic, to an anthemic final minute. It’s simple, classy and even though I don’t speak Finnish, I still know exactly the sentiment Younghearted are trying to convey." ~Mark

"This is a breath of fresh air. It’s very calming and I really just appreciate the mellow tone of the song. The last 50 seconds of the song is just built for a live performance and it just gives so much to this song. I really appreciate it as a song but it also reminds me of Spain 2013 which …was kinda forgettable sadly so it does have a bit of a problem going into UMK. But I really appreciate this song for its amazing tone and atmosphere " ~Tim

2. Isaac Sene - 'Kuuma jäbä' (112 points)

Highs: 12 points Dale, Steven, Kyriakos, 10 points Liv, Hugo, Guy

Lows: 2 points Tim

"Wow, I love what Isaac has thrown in the ring for Eurovision. 'Kuuma jäbä' is oozing with lust with an amazing backing track. I love the pace of the song, and it has The Weeknd vibe that is really on trend at the moment! Added straight to my Spotify playlist." ~Kyriakos

"Such an interesting and unique song. I love the production with the vocal effects and the way it builds. So contemporary and I can definitely see some slick staging with dancing here. The chorus is a great pop sound; perhaps a bit one note, so they'll have to nail the staging. The song also has instrumental elements which I love. A great package overall and nothing at Eurovision would sound like this." ~Hugo

"This entry is just so damn sexy, not least because succeeds in being both lyrically and musically seductive. Although I was left wanting a little more in the last minute, Isaac’s voice is great, the beat is hypnotic, and the song is sufficiently different from other NF entries I’ve heard this far this year to stand out." ~Steven

"TAKE NOTE NATIONAL FINAL SONG WRITERS - this song is the PERFECT example of how to use 80s nostalgia in a song and still keep it fresh. So many other 80s inspired entries are as dated and unappealing as a boiled egg. Isaac gives a masterclass on using native language with a fleshed out production to create a nostalgic masterpiece instead of a dated mess." ~Liv

"This manages to be like The Weeknd while still putting its own stamp on the sound. Love the production, love the chorus, the Finnish language sounds sublime and this has me wanting to play it on the repeat. Let's hope it stands up live!" ~Dale

1. BESS - 'Ram pam pam' (114 points)

Highs: 12 points Tim, Emma, Guy, Cooper, 10 points Steven

Lows: 2 points Mark

"High energy schlager-infused dance pop.... a recipe for pure joy! It's been a while since a song like this made it to the contest (yes, we're still reeling for 'Cicciolina' in 2020). It would be great if this made it through. " ~Guy

"This grows on me more after each listen. I just can't go past that catchy 'Ram pam pam' chorus! I love the electro 80s sound, yet it doesn't sound dated. The concept of the video could easily be transferred to her live performance, particularly if the song wins and was to remain in Finnish at Eurovision." ~Emma

"'Ram pam pam' is a solid pop/rock song that gives me serious 2010s P!nk vibes. It's fun, loud and would be really fun to see on the Eurovision stage. The chorus is very memorable which is something that is very important for a Eurovision number." ~Cooper

"A catchy electro-pop-esque dancefloor filler with an accessible title as a hook for non-Finnish speakers. It’s not bringing anything new, but what it delivers is pretty good." ~Steven

"This is just a really great song. It’s really poppy and seems extraordinary radio friendly. It’s incredibly catchy and has the perfect hook of the ‘ram pam pam’’. The vocals sound a little strained but I think it really raises the song in a way. It also sounds perfect in Finnish and I think that would attract a lot of votes." ~Tim

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