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Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence brings Douwe Bob to tears

Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence has brought fellow Dutch artist Douwe Bob to tears in a recent television performance.

Duncan was performing on 'Beste Zangers' (translated to Best Singers) where he sang Douwe Bob's song 'I Do'.

In each episode of the series an artist is celebrated by other performers. In this case Duncan Laurence was paying homage to Douwe Bob. The artists perform songs that are important to the honoree. These songs can be covers of the artist's own work, songs that have inspired them, or tracks from their past,

Douwe Bob is a former Eurovision artist himself, finishing in 11th place at the 2016 Contest with 'Slow Down'.

Duncan's heartfelt rendition had an emotional impact on Douwe, with visible tears in his eyes throughout the performance.

Although the song is about heartbreak, the lyrics of "I Do" were quite appropriate for Duncan, who recently married his partner Jordan Garfield last month in Sweden.

Duncan said, on the show, that the song had always been one of his favourites.

"It was always in my Spotify top, so when I heard that Douwe was coming along, I immediately knew: I would do that song."

While Douwe Bob shared his feelings after the performance.

"Duncan can touch you with his voice. It is always flawless and spot on. It just cuts through your soul."

Douwe Bob has been rumoured to be one of the potential internal selections for The Netherlands in 2024.

Will he be chosen for next year's Contest in Sweden, time will tell!

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