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'Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-On-Tape' coming this weekend

Backstage with Montaigne from Australia 'Live on tape' — JESS GLEESON

Måneskin from Italy may have been crowned the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest for 2021, but the Eurovision 2021 celebrations aren't yet over!!

Over the weekend on Sunday May 30 in Australia (Saturday May 29 from those in Europe) the second edition of 'Eurovision Song Celebration' will showcase all 39 of the recorded live-on-tape (back up) performances from all the competing countries, one week after the Eurovision 2021 grand final.

Last year we had the first edition of 'Eurovision Song Celebration' which aired in lieu of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 following its cancellation.

As a condition of entry to this year’s Contest, each broadcaster had to record a live-on-tape performance that can be used in the unfortunate scenario that an artist couldn't travel to Rotterdam or has to quarantine on-site.

The only live-on-tape we have seen so far was Australia. In the semi-final Montaigne's live on tape for her Eurovision 2021 'Technicolour' was used as Montaigne and the Australian delegation couldn't travel to Rotterdam.

All live-on-tape entries were scrutinised by the EBU and a representative from an independent voting observer, as well as the host broadcasters, to ensure the integrity of the Contest.

Iceland also had to use a recording of their performance of '10 Years' by Daði og Gagnamagnið after one of the members of the group tested positive for COVID-19. Since they managed to perform in the semi-final 2 rehearsal they did no use their live on tape, the rehearsal footage was used instead in the semi final 2 and the grand final.

'Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-On-Tape' will be hosted by Finland's 2013 Eurovision participant Krista Siegfrids. Her Eurovision entry from 2013 'Marry Me' finished in 24th place in the Eurovision grand final.

In 2021 Krista joined the online Eurovision hosting team, she also hosted an exclusive backstage series, 'Krista Calling', which covered every square inch of the show from the red carpet to the Rotterdam Ahoy.

'Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-On-Tape' is expected to also feature bonus material from Eurovision 2021.

'Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-On-Tape' will be split into two online shows on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

The first one (semi final) featuring all the performances will air on Saturday May 29 at 5.00am AEST in Australia (Friday May 28 at 21:00 CEST for those in Europe).

The second show will be the grand final on Sunday May 30 at 5.00am AEST in Australia (Saturday May 29 at 21:00 CEST from those in Europe).


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