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Eurovision 2024: Grand Final preview

The Grand Final of the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, from Malmö is almost here!

There are a total of 26 nations competing in the Grand Final but who will take the crystal microphone home in 2024?

Australia's Electric Fields was unfortunately eliminated in semi-final 1. However, Sydney-sider Silia Kapsis, representing Cyprus has qualified with her song ‘Liar’.

Who will be joining Silia on Sunday morning? Keep reading to see the running order.

At the point of publishing this article, The Netherlands is still in the Eurovision Song Contest so will be included. Details on this.

  1. Sweden- Marcus & Martinus 'Unforgettable'

  2. Ukraine- Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil 'Teresa & Maria'

  3. Germany- Isaak 'Always on the Run'

  4. Luxembourg- Tali 'Fighter'

  5. Netherlands- Joost Klein 'Europapa'

  6. Israel- Eden Golan 'Hurricane'

  7. Lithuania- Silvester Belt 'Luktelk'

  8. Spain- Nebulossa 'Zorra'

  9. Estonia- 5MIINUST and Puuluup '(Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi'

  10. Ireland- Bambie Thug 'Doomsday Blue'

  11. Latvia- Dons 'Hollow'

  12. Greece- Marina Satti 'Zari'

  13. United Kingdom- Olly Alexander 'Dizzy'

  14. Norway- Gåte 'Ulveham'

  15. Italy- Angelina Mango 'La noia'

  16. Serbia- Teya Dora 'Ramonda'

  17. Finland- Windows95man 'No Rules'

  18. Portugal- iolanda 'Grito'

  19. Armenia- LADANIVA 'Jako'

  20. Cyprus- Silia Kapsis 'Liar'

  21. Switzerland- Nemo 'The Code'

  22. Slovenia- Raiven 'Veronika'

  23. Croatia- Baby Lasagna 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim'

  24. Georgia- Nutsa Buzaladze 'Firefighter'

  25. France- Slimane 'Mon amour'

  26. Austria- Kaleen 'We Will Rave'

How can I watch?

The show will be broadcast live. You can tune into SBS from 5:00am AEST on 12 May (our Sunday morning) with the show also available on SBS On Demand. SBS will also be airing a primetime repeat of the broadcast at 7:30pm AEST on Sunday. There will be an earlier repeat at 11.30am on SBS Viceland.

How can I vote?

Voting is a little different this time around. Australian viewers are eligible to vote in the Grand Final. The voting window will open just before the first song is performed, and will remain open until approximately 25 and 40 minutes after the last song has been presented.

The voting portal will be accessed via or the official Eurovision Song Contest app which you can access from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Votes will be limited to 20 per person (per credit card) and there is a small cost per vote.

You will be able to select which acts you want to vote for and how many votes per act (up to 20 votes total). How you allocate those votes is up to you: you could allocate 20 votes to one act, divide your votes between multiple acts, or just make one vote for your favourite.

Full voting terms and conditions will be available on the voting platform.

LIVE early morning broadcasts

Grand Final – Sunday 12 May at 5:00am AEST - live on SBS

* Featuring Silia Kapsis *

Replay broadcasts

Sunday 12 May at 7:30pm AEST - replay on SBS

Sunday 12 May at 11.30am AEST - replay on SBS Viceland

For continued updates on all the Eurovision 2024 news follow Aussievision on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. All links at:


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