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Eurovision 2023: Marvin Dietmann revealed as Australia's Creative Director

Overnight, it was confirmed that Marvin Dietmann will be the Creative Director behind Australia's Eurovision 2023 performance.

The details were revealed during an interview with Ash and Scott from Voyager with Eurovisionworld.

Previously, SBS had been unable to confirm nor deny this expected news with Aussievision.

Scott told Eurovisionworld about the challenges they face with a band at the Contest:

"The fact that it's televised completely changes our approach to performance on a very fundamental level. We're very used to being able to be wherever we like on the stage. But when you've got a camera trying to follow you around, it's not exactly helpful. So, a lot of it is about trying to generate as much energy and intensity in the performance whilst maintaining a fair amount of stillness at the same time. It's more about the gesturing rather than the physical moving on the stage... We are toying and flirting with the idea of fireworks. Still working that out."

Austrian Marvin Dietmann is a Eurovision winning Creative Director that has been involved with 22 entries since 2011.


He was the Creative Director behind 'Rise Like a Phoenix' which won in 2014, as well as other podium placers 'Space Man' for Sam Ryder in 2022 and 'Anybody But You' for Cesar Sampson in 2018.

Additionally, he has been the Viewing Room Director for Eurovision 2019 and Stage Director for Eurovision 2015, 2017 and 2018.

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