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Eurovision 2022 song 'Snap' by Rosa Linn climbs Australian Spotify charts

Photo credit: EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett

This year’s Armenian Eurovision entry 'Snap' by Rosa Linn has been making an impact on streaming charts around the world, due to the songs popularity on TikTok, and is now climbing the Australian Spotify charts.

On TikTok, the original version of the song has featured in over 38,000 videos, whereas the sped-up version of the song - 'Snap - High and Fast' - has accompanied over 238,000 videos.

'Snap - High and Fast' has also managed to chart on the New Zealand singles chart at No. 31.

'Snap' has seen a sharp increase in streaming numbers on Spotify. In our latest Spotify rankings on June 17 Linn's song had accumulated 5,679,451 streams from May 17 to June 17, with a total of 7,477,731 streams since the songs release.

As of July 17 'Snap' has amassed 23,014,669 streams, an increase of over 15 million streams in one month.

Spotify charts in Australia

In Australia, 'Snap' has peaked at No. 8 on the Daily Viral Songs Australia with a streak of 16 days on the chart.

'Snap' is now on the Daily Top Songs Australia chart sitting at No. 112 with a three day streak accumulating over 37,000 daily streams.

Other charts

Rosa Linn's catchy number has also made an appearance on other Australian charts.

'Snap' has peaked at No. 107 on the Shazam Top Songs Australian chart, and No. 43 on the Australian iTunes chart.

Rosa Linn at Eurovision

In Turin, Rosa Linn competed in semi-final one at Eurovision 2022 in Turin where 'Snap' earner her a spot in the Grand Final, the first time for Armenia since 2017. Rosa Linn finished in 20th place overall, continuing Armenia's run in the top 20 since their debut in 2006.

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