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Eurovision 2022: First rehearsals for the second half of semi-final 1

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Rehearsals for Eurovision 2022 are well and truly underway!

Overnight the rehearsals for the second half of semi-final 1 began, take a sneak peek of some of the photos and snippets of what to expect! **WARNING SPOILERS**

Portugal - Maro - 'Saudade, saudade'

Photo credit: EBU / ANDRES PUTTING

A very haunting performance by Maro and her backing vocalists who face each other in a circle as smoke glides along the stage.

Croatia - Mia Dimšić - 'Guilty Pleasure'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Mia is clad in a pink dress that just pops. She is joined on stage by three dancers and a black guitar also makes an appearance.

Denmark - Reddi - 'The Show'

Photo credit: EBU

Reddi are being true to themselves in their performance. Very reminiscent of their national final performance.

Austria - Lum!x feat. Pia Maria - 'Halo'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Austria are delivering with some epic looking staging all encased in a ring of lights, a halo. This is going to be very high energy!

Iceland - Systur - 'Með hækkandi sól'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Systur's from Iceland are giving us some very warm staging, with each group member joined by their guitar. Vocally it all sounds great from the snippet.

Greece - Amanda Tenfjord - 'Die Together'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Amanda wears a white dress with her stage filled with blue all matching the Greek flag. The lighting all looks very impressive, and she nails that high note in rehearsal!

Norway - Subwoolfer - 'Give That Wolf A Banana'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

Subwoolfer deliver their iconic choreography with loads of fireworks! All very high energy like we would have expected, very exciting!

Armenia - Rosa Linn - 'Snap'

Photo credit: EBU / NATHAN REINDS

The snippet shows a very nervous Rosa, yet she delivers a great rehearsal in a very white setting with everything clad in paper. Her performance also features a white guitar, it wouldn't be 'Snap' without it.

There you have it! Do you have any new favourite based on the snippets so far?

Rehearsals continue tomorrow with the first half of semi-final 2 featuring Finland, Israel, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Malta, San Marino, Australia and Cyprus.

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