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Eurovision 2022: Australia's second rehearsal

Photo credit: EBU / Andres Putting

Sheldon Riley took to the stage in Turin today, for his second rehearsal at Eurovision 2022.

This was the first rehearsal that was open to the press so we were able to view the full three minutes of how it would look through the TV cameras.

Sheldon got to perform his song three times, to allow for tweaking of shots and other elements each time.

Our initial thoughts from Mike on the ground in the press centre:

"First run from Sheldon done. Vocally superb! He starts at the bottom of a set of stairs. It is a far brightly lit performance than the National Final, but it still brings that dark moody feel. He ascends the stairs and has his mask reveal moment at the top. Great impact!"

"Second run for Sheldon done. Some smoke added while at the bottom of the stairs. There is a nice mirror effect behind him while singing there. The background lighting has blue tones, and there are some excellent lighting effects to enhance the ‘moments’ during the song."

"Final run through for Sheldon done. Creatively they are trying a few different camera angles and lighting effects. The costume is visually stunning and looks great through the camera. When Sheldon hits the big notes it’s spine-tingling! Some tweaks and he’s right to go!"

Our quick video reaction

Check out details from Australia's press conference which included Sheldon, Paul Clarke and Sacha Jean-Baptiste, as well as our interview with the artist.


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