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Emma Muscat wins MESC and will represent Malta at Eurovision 2022 with 'Out of Sight'

The Maltese national final, MESC, came to its exciting conclusion this morning, and the winner has been decided!

Emma Muscat will sing 'Out of Sight' in Turin, after sweeping the juries with every set of 12 points, and winning a landslide 20 points from the televote, for a total of 92 points.

  1. Emma Muscat – 'Out of Sight' (92 points)

  2. Aidan – 'Ritmu' (72 points)

  3. Nicole Azzopardi – 'Into the Fire' (36 points)

  4. Norbert – 'How Special You Are' (34 points)

  5. Denise – 'Boy' (31 points)

  6. Miriana Conte – 'Look What You’ve Done Now' (28 points)

  7. Matt Blxck – 'Come Around' (18 points)

  8. Nicole Hammett – 'A Lover’s Heart' (16 points)

  9. Enya Magri – 'Shame' (15 points)

  10. Richard Edwards – 'Hey Little' (13 points)

  11. Mark Anthony Bartolo – 'Serenity' (11 points)

  12. Sarah Bonnici – 'Heaven' (10 points)

  13. Giada – 'Revelación' (8 points)

  14. Raquel – 'Over You' (8 points)

  15. Baklava feat. Nicole – 'Electric Indigo' (7 points)

  16. Janice Mangion – 'Army' (7 points)

  17. Jessika – 'Kaleidoscope' (wildcard) (1 point)

A singer, songwriter and model originating from Malta, Emma has spent the last few years in Italy, where she came to prominence on the popular talent show Amici di Maria de Filippi.

After coming fourth on that program, she began to release a steady stream of EPs and singles, including ‘Avec Moi’, ‘Vicolo cieco’ and ‘Sangria’ – the last of which has been certified gold. She is currently signed to Warner Music Italy.

Emma’s song for MESC 2022, ‘Out of Sight’, is a ballad with electro influences that really grows over the course of its three minutes. In the final, Emma had one of the more unusual staging performances, including a section where she was joined onstage by a small child.

Malta was represented at Eurovision 2021 by Junior Eurovision 2015 winner Destiny Chukunyere and her electro-swing banger 'Je me casse'. She came seventh with 255 points.

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