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Didirri releases new song 'The Critic' and announces new EP 'Sold For Sale’

Didirri has just released his new single ‘The Critic’ while in self isolation in Victoria, Australia. The new song is taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Sold For Sale’, out September 25 2020. It is available for pre-order on digital format and physical format, CD and vinyl, here.

That new EP was recorded in various locations and using various media: in Los Angeles, in Geelong, at home and over Zoom. Didirri also revealed that a lot of the inspiration for this new EP came from the Australian band Powderfinger, particularly the hit 2000 album ‘Odyssey Number Five’.

On Thursday, 6 August, Didirri hosted a Zoom lunch and encouraged fans to join him for a bite to eat and a chat about his new music. We can exclusively reveal Didirri opted for eggs and cream cheese on bagels, followed by a grapefruit!

He premiered his new song ‘The Critic’, as well as another unreleased track from his new EP.

In Didirri's own words, 'The Critic' is essentially about "when you think you’re getting everything right when you’re actually getting everything wrong".

The single is the second he has released since his ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020’ entry ‘Raw Stuff’. His emotive performance of that song, during which he accompanied himself on the piano, saw Didirri secure 4th place in the national final as well as a legion of new fans.

The self-confessed Australian "sad boy" also shared with his fans that he has written a song about how easy it is to write sad songs, explaining that the English language has so many words for negative things but far fewer for happy things.

Didirri has also announced a new tour 'The Critic - Virtual World Tour' throughout September 2020. Details below.

‘The Critic’ is available now on iTunes and Google Play and can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.


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