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Czech Republic: Aussievision's ESCZ 2023 rankings

This week Česká Televize (ČT) the Czech Broadcaster announced the five songs competing in ESCZ 2023. This is the selection show which will determine Czech Republic’s entry at Eurovision this year.

18 members of the Aussievision team ranked their top 3 songs with the amount of points given for each position below:

1st - 12 points

2nd - 10 points

3rd - 8 points

Here are the results:

5. Markéta Irglová - 'H A P P Y' (18 points)

10 points from John Christian 8 points from Craig

"I'm never going to complain about having an Oscar-winning singer-songwriter in a Eurovision national final! Perhaps "Happy" is a little too subdued and intimate to make much of an impact in the long-run, but there's a quiet charm here if you're willing to give Markéta time to work her magic. This is a song to listen to curled up with your loved ones on a quiet Sunday evening." ~ Craig

"Quite a well written song. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with it. It just would not hold my attention for 3 minutes on the Eurovision stage. Otherwise, it is lovely to listen to" ~ Fleur

4. Pam Rabbit - 'ghosting' (86 points)

12 points from Justin and Mike 10 points from Cooper, Guy and Josh 8 points from Hugo, Kiel, Emma and Laura

"If this is performed well (i.e. like or better than the studio version), I could see this giving the Czech Republic their first top five finish. It's modern, radio friendly (yet still great for Eurovision), and I could see both televoters and juries going for this." ~ Justin

"The stand out track from this selection. Pam returns with a great track that is immediate and stays with you once it's finished. I loved the live performance at the National Final and look forward to seeing more from her in the future." ~ Mike

"Whilst not her best ESCZ entry she’s competed with, Ghosting is still a fun pop track. Pam Rabbit has amazing stage presence and will deliver an amazing live performance" ~ Cooper

"It's great to see Pam back again this year. I love the slightly quirky edge Pam brings to her music. This is a great song and it only just missed out on my 12 points." ~ Guy

"A perfectly cute and basic pop song for an unidentifiable National final. This song has no unique Czech qualities and could have been parachuted into any National Final across Europe. That doesn’t make it bad, but just kind of reductive. Still would be an okay choice but I couldn’t see Czech qualifying with any other song but my number one choice." ~ Josh

3. Maella - 'Flood' (98 points)

12 points from Zhi 10 points from Colleen, Justin and Steven

8 points from Kyriakos, Tim, John Christian, Guy, Hayley, Fleur and Mike

"A beautiful, haunting song that really floods my mind. Maella has an incredible vocal timbre that is gentle yet stirring. A song that demonstrates that sometimes simplicity is highly effective for Eurovision." ~ Zhi

"'Flood' is a journey from piano ballad to something more beat heavy. Both acts compliment each other to make a beautiful, emotional wave fitting of the title 'Flood'" ~ Colleen

"Of the five presented, I think this had the best intro of the bunch (which is why it ranked highly for me). This is a great song that could do well with both televoters and juries, so I could see this doing well." ~ Justin

"Moody, contemporary “chillout” pop that wouldn’t sound amiss on the radio. It’s also catchy without being overly repetitive. A clear 🥈 for me."" ~ Steven

2. RODAN - 'Introvert Party Club' (148 points)

12 points from Tim, Kiel and Fleur 10 points from Kyriakos, Hugo, Teddy, Emma, Zhi, Laura, Hayley and Mike

"Maybe it’s because it’s so relatable or just the running order, but it’s really sweet and genuine. I really enjoy this song for its simplicity. I’d love to see this on a bigger stage to have it seem more authentic." ~ Tim

"While I don't think we'll be going to Prague in 2024 based on what's been shortlisted here, this is the best one of the lot. This has got the potential to connect with all the fans who reckon they're introverts and can relate, and has a good indie pop beat tying it together." ~ Kiel

"Introverts unite!!! I really like the lyrics and message of this song. RODAN sounds so authentic in conveying his experiences with trying to fit in everyday society. The indie-pop vibe is also very appealing to me. The whole package is just so likable and relatable for me. I think I have found a new artist to follow. Thank you RODAN." ~ Fleur

"For Eurovision, I’m not so sure, but this is a really nice song full stop. Catchy and anthemic. Not groundbreaking but I like it nonetheless. Pleasant listening." ~ Hugo

"‘Introvert Party Club’ is very endearing - I believe in the story RODAN tells about himself through this song, and it's well-produced and catchy to boot. I'm genuinely a bit sad this is up against a certain other song, because in any other year I would be over the moon to see this at Eurovision." ~ Craig

"As a fellow introvert I can so relate to the scenarios RODAN presents in an Ed Sheeran style radio friendly way. I don't know how well this would do at Eurovision but it will definitely be on my playlist from now on!" ~ Emma

"As an introvert I totally relate to this song. A great critique about the societal pressures young people face in the modern, western world. Perhaps some of the most meaningful and well-thought lyrics I have read this national final season. I will enjoy listening to this song alone in my bedroom because as this song ultimately implies it is ok to be shy and introverted <3" ~ Zhi

"‘Introvert Party Club’ is a fantastic song title and the song is a real toe-tapper! RODAN brings a quiet charisma to the stage, giving viewers a charming performance overall." ~ Laura "There's something that feels very authentic about this whole package. The song has very catchy chorus and he sells it pretty well live." ~ Mike

1. Vesna - 'My Sister's Crown' (190 points)

12 points from Cooper, Kyriakos, John Christian, Hugo, Teddy, Guy, Emma, Colleen, Josh, Laura, Steven and Hayley 10 points from Tim, Kiel and Fleur

"This song is amazing! The collaboration of four different languages, unique blending of tradition and contemporary sounds, ‘My Sisters Crown’ is the clear front runner for me. This song could very well deliver Czech Republic’s best ever result at Eurovision if it’s chosen. The message is powerful yet not overbearing and is something special to watch out for." ~ Cooper

"The Czech Republic needs to send this to Eurovision!! There is so much potential for it with staging and outfits. The band sounded good live. It worked way better than I expected." ~ Kyriakos

"This song is not just really Czech, but really Slavic. The lyrics, the artists, everything, it is all Slavic pride that makes 'My, Słowianie' old news. THIS is truly a song that will be a banger, if it did end up being the representative. No one can take away their crown, never." ~ John Christian

"Wow, this is so entrancing and ethnic and overall amazing and impactful. Musically very diverse; I love the harmonies in the chorus, it sounds both traditional but modern. The verses are filled with sass and move along at a great pace and I love that beat. A clear standout and I hope true Czechs have found their identity as another eastern country." ~ Hugo

"'My Sister's Crown' manages to be impactful both in terms of its lyrical content and as an epic musical spectacle. While the live performance will need to be heavily reimagined for Liverpool, if they get it right, I can see this competing for the title in May. Phenomenal." ~ Craig

"This song instantly makes an impact and it's easy to imagine it on the Eurovision stage. The multiple languages work really well, and the Ukrainian lyrics are especially a really nice touch. The live performance was pulled off quite well for a busy song and with a few more months of polishing the performance, it could be a great package in the contest." ~ Guy

"Wow, this is so out there for the Czech Republic...a girl group singing a song in multiple languages that symbolically represents what is currently going on in Eastern Europe. The repetitive nature of the chorus is integral to the song's success. There are multiple lines here that can be remembered easily and shouted by the crowd. The staging potential here is huge and should be very memorable...this is the one Czech Republic!" ~ Emma

"It's very girl power without being too pop. It also hits the hardest out of all the ESCZ songs this year. I believe 'My Sister's Crown' is the Czech Republic's best shot for ESC." ~ Colleen

"I hate to say it (not really) but WINNER VIBES!! This song is chaotic but not in a hot mess way, in an artistic masterpiece way. Vesna expertly melts traditional Slavic sounds, tribal beats, multiple languages, eastern dark pop, rap and choir harmonies into a song which will undoubtedly catapult Czech Republic into their most successful and respected finish in Eurovision history. That chorus absolutely captivates me into a hypnotic sing-a-long each time I listen. The only downside is that I see the potential for comparisons to 2022’s winner. Plus they need to fix that staging!" ~ Josh

"The most complete song and performance package at ESCZ - hands down! The harmonies are powerful, the lyrics are impactful, and Vesna’s voices fill the stage. I'd love to see this in Liverpool!" ~ Laura

"Eastern Europe modern folk featuring a blend of languages and a haunting, chant-like chorus. I also love the aesthetic in the video. This could do *very* well in Liverpool." ~ Steven

"Feminist anthem of the year! I simply love the meaning behind this song - sisters look after your sisters! It has some good production behind it, it's overall a pretty impressive package. This has the potential to have a good impact at Eurovision, but that staging needs a huge shake up!" ~ Hayley

"It’s almost the pre-determined winner but it has a good music too it that sounds like it could connect with both Eastern voters and Western voters. I can’t see this losing especially given the hype around it in the fandom." ~ Tim

"Just like Konstrata from Serbia last year, this crew will stand out with their whole get-up and message, even though the tune isn't too catchy." ~ Kiel "I love multilingual songs. Its Slavic sound gives it something special that Czech entries do not typically have. The harmonies are fantastic, the instrumentation is great. This could do really well at Eurovision if chosen." ~ Fleur "A more wholesome yet quirky version of Slavic Girls." ~ Zhi

Well, the team has voted and we have a resounding winner. Will Vesna take the ESCZ crown? The winning artist and song will be announced on February 7.

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