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Croatia: DORA 2024 artists revealed

Croatian broadcaster HRT has announced the 24 acts to compete in their national final DORA.

Among the the artists announced were two names many fans will know.

Let 3 from Eurovision 2023 and Damir Kedžo from Eurovision 2020 will both be competing.

In Liverpool, Let 3 took Croatia back to the Eurovision Grand Final for the first time since 2017. They finished 13th with 'Mama ŠČ!'

Damir Kedžo won DORA in 2020 and was due to represent his nation with 'Divlji vjetre'.

The national final will be held on 24 February 2024 with the winner to represent Croatia at Eurovision in Malmö. This will be the 29th time that Croatia has entered the Eurovision Song Contest

HRT received a record 203 entries for this year's competition. Many of these artists are well-known to the Croatian public, while some are relatively unknown.

The 24 competing entries are:

  1. Alen Đuras – 'A Tamburitza Lullaby'

  2. Barbara Munjas – 'Nepobjediva'

  3. Boris Štok – 'Can We Talk'

  4. Damir Kedžo – 'Voljena Ženo'

  5. Erna – 'How do you love me'

  6. Eugen – 'Tišine'

  7. ET – 'Pametnom Dosta'

  8. James Night – 'Nebo Plače'

  9. Lana Mandarić – 'More'

  10. Lara Demarin – 'Ne Vjerujem Ti'

  11. Let 3 – 'Babaroga'

  12. Lu Dedić – 'Plavi Leptir'

  13. Marcela – 'Gasoline'

  14. Mario Battifiaca feat. Robert Ferlin – 'Vodu Piti Trizan Biti'

  15. Misha – 'One Day'

  16. Natalie Balmix – 'Dijmanti'

  17. Noelle – 'Baby, Baby'

  18. Pavel – 'Do Mjesca'

  19. Saša Lozar – 'Ne Plačem Zbog Nje'

  20. Stefany Žužić – 'Sretnih Dana Dat’ Će Bog'

  21. The Splitters – 'Od Kad Te Sanjam'

  22. Vatra – 'Slatke Suze, Gorka Ljubav'

  23. Vinko – 'Lying Eyes'

  24. Zsa Zsa – 'Probudi Usne Moje'

An additional four reserve songs have been earmarked in case the finalist is unable to perform or withdraws.

These are:

  1. Baby Lasagna – 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim'

  2. Cota G4 – 'Stavi Se Na Mjesto'

  3. Ether – 'Duboko Roni'

  4. Mihael Kvorka – 'Vrati Se'

The songs are to be released at a later date.

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