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Armenia: Brunette releases her Eurovision 2023 song 'Future Lover'

Photo credit: AMPTV / Robert Koloyan

Brunette has released her Eurovision 2023 entry for Armenia called 'Future Lover'.

In early February 2023, Armenia's broadcaster AMPTV revealed Brunette would be their 2023 Eurovision entrant.

'Future Lover' is a self-penned track by Brunette. In a statement about the song on the site Brunette shared:

"'Future Lover' is a poetic canvas, a letter with no addressee. I remember once scrolling through my phone and seeing this beautiful quote which was such a simple yet beautiful thought that immediately inspired me. The words turned into a melody and a whole range of emotions just exploded out of me. Throughout our lives we’re all looking for the one - the future lover, the embodiment of our dreams, ideals, fears…"

The singer-songwriter has been performing since 4-years-old and has been writing music since she was a teen.

The Armenian pop star has a few music releases to her name with her 2022 single 'Smoke Break' being her highest streaming song on Spotify with over 200,000 streams.

Executive Director for AMPTV, Hovhannes Movsisyan, has revealed that they have again taken the approach to showcasing young, talented Armenian artists:

‘Last year, sending a young artist to Eurovision was justified. The song is still successful and captivates millions of fans. I hope this year we will surprise the European audience with a unique Armenian artist.’

Armenia have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 14 times since 2006, only missing the Contest twice. Armenia has qualified for the Eurovision Final 11 times, with their best result being fourth place which they achieved twice with Sirusho in 2008 and Aram Mp3 in 2014. Last year Rosa Linn flew through to the Final and finished in 20th place with 'Snap'. Rosa's entry would go on to become viral on TikTok and storm music charts around the world.

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