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Australia's votes revealed in the INFE 2024 Eurovision Poll

The International Network of Fan Clubs of Eurovision (INFE) is an organisation that brings together fan clubs of Eurovision around the world.

It is a different network from OGAE Clubs, however shares the similar ideals of uniting fans together in their love of Eurovision.

The INFE group run a song poll with ESCToday each year, similar to the OGAE Song Poll, and the results for 2024 have been coming through.

Seven countries have revealed their votes so far and today it was Australia's turn to share their results. They are as follows:

  • 12 points - Belgium

  • 10 points - Croatia

  • 8 points - Spain

  • 7 points - Switzerland

  • 6 points - Israel

  • 5 points - Austria

  • 4 points - Netherlands

  • 3 points - France

  • 2 points - United Kingdom

  • 1 point - Norway

Top 5 countries so far:

  1. Switzerland - 58 points

  2. Belgium - 50 points

  3. Croatia - 41 points

  4. Italy - 35 points

  5. Ukraine - 31 points

Australia is yet to pick up any points however there are still a number of results to be revealed over the coming days.

You can follow the full results of the INFE Poll via or

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