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Aussievision team's 2023 Top 10 national final songs of all time

Voting is currently open in our seventh edition of the National Final Countdown. The countdown sees Eurovision fans from across the globe voting for their all-time favourite national final entries that never made it onto the Eurovision stage. The top 100 songs will be unveiled during a special countdown on ESCape Radio on Saturday 4 November.

As we're creeping closer to the end of the voting window for the National Final Countdown, the Aussievision team has correlated our own votes to see which songs our team have ranked supreme.

Out of 16 voting contributors, 104 national final songs received at least one point, so lets have a look at which songs finished on top...

=9. Jaguar Jonze - 'Little Fires' (Australia, 2022) - 21 points

10 points from Mark, 8 from Kiel, 3 from Dale

'Little Fires' was the second attempt at 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' by Jaguar Jonze. The anthemic ballad managed to win the jury vote during the national final and finished in third place overall. 'Little Fires' is one of three Australian entries to make the Aussievision team's Top 10 in the National Final Countdown.

=9. KEiiNO - 'Monument' (Norway, 2021) - 21 points

12 points from Laura, 8 from Cooper, 1 from Hayley

The 2021 and 2022 winner of the National Final Countdown, 'Monument', is a favourite with the Aussievision team. After winning the public vote in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2019, the Norwegian trio attempted to return to the contest with 'Monument' at Norway's Melodi Grand Prix in 2021. Unfortunately for KEiiNO they were the runner-up and just missed out on making their return to Eurovision.

=6. Filip Balos - 'Novi plan drugi san' (Serbia, 2023) - 22 points

8 points from Craig & Hayley, 6 from Fleur

One of only three songs from 2023 to make Aussievision's Top 10, Filip Baloš' high energy 'Novi plan drugi san' (New plan, another dream) finished 4th at Serbia's Eurovision national final, Pesma za Evroviziju 23. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter was inspired to write the song about his brother's relationship break up with angtsy verses contrasted by an upbeat motivational chorus telling of new beginnings. Filip plans to continue to release many of the other songs he has written so hopefully we will see him attempt to represent Serbia at Eurovision again soon.

=6. Loreen - 'Statements' (Sweden, 2017) - 22 points

12 points from Hugo, 10 from Kyriakos

As the only woman to have won Eurovision twice, Loreen is best known for her winning songs 'Euphoria' (2012) and 'Tattoo' (2023). But Eurovision fans well remember her 2017 Melodifestivalen entry 'Statements' which won our National Final Countdown in 2019. There was shock after Loreen's heat performance when 'Statements' was relegated to a second chance round duel where it narrowly lost, missing out on the Grand Final. However the song remains a favourite within the fandom and has made the Top 10 in every year since the National Final Countdown's 2018 launch.

=6. Irama - 'La Genesi del tuo Colore' (Italy, 2021) - 22 points

12 points from Tim, 10 from Craig

'La Genesi del tuo Colore' competed in Italy's Sanremo Music Festival in 2021 where it placed 5th overall. Irama had a bumpy ride with his entry during the national final as his participation was plagued with multiple members of his team testing positive to Covid-19 during the festival.

Because of the positive results, Irama and his team had to undergo mandatory quarantine therefore a pre-recorded performance had to be shown throughout the week of Sanremo. But that hasn't stopped this entry from being cherished by fans across the globe. And since Sanremo, 'La Genesi del tuo Colore' has gone onto be certified 3x platinum in Italy.

5. Chérine - 'Ça m'ennuie pas' (Belgium, 2023) - 30 points

8 points from Mike, 6 from Craig, 5 from Steven & Hugo, 4 from Dale, 2 from Cooper

Chérine was considered a hot favourite going in to the final of Belgium's Eurosong 2023. Unfortunately the uptempo French language song 'Ça m'ennuie pas' (It Doesn't Bore Me), along with its colourful staging, failed to land with televoters, finishing overall in 4th place despite a jury rank of second place. The 28-year-old of Belgian and Lebanese descent, co-wrote the song about her ADHD disorder which she claims makes her get bored easily. This was the song that was most popular across the board with the Aussievision team with six out of sixteen members awarding it points.

=3. La Rappresentante di Lista - 'Ciao Ciao' (Italy, 2022) - 32 points

12 points from Dale, 10 from Laura, 6 from Liv, 4 from Samuel

'Ciao Ciao' performed by Italian rock duo La Rappresentante di List finished 7th overall at the 2022 Sanremo Festival but became one of the biggest hits out of Sanremo that year. The song peaked at No. 3 on the Italian charts, No. 1 in San Marino and even managed to chart in Switzerland. 'Ciao Ciao' instantly became a favourite amongst the Eurovision fandom and many were excited to see it featured during the party scene of the sixth episode of HBO's 'The White Lotus' Season 2.

=3. Voyager - 'Dreamer' (Australia, 2022) - 32 points

12 points from Hayley & Kiel, 7 from Fleur, 1 from Laura

The second of three Australian entries to make the Aussievision team's Top 10, 'Dreamer' is Perth band Voyager's second attempt to represent Australia at Eurovision. The group had narrowly missed out in 2020 when 'Runaway' was shortlisted for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' and was featured in the TV broadcast.

'Dreamer' was a fan favourite going in to the national final but was pipped at the post - it won the televote but at third place with the juries saw them miss out by three points to Sheldon Riley. All was not lost though as the band were internally selected by the Australian broadcaster SBS to represent Australia at Eurovision in 2023 with 'Promise'. 'Dreamer' finished 14th in last year's National Final Countdown...will their increased fan base see them finish higher this time around?

2. Agoney - 'Quiero arder' (Spain, 2023) - 33 points

12 points from Cooper, 10 from Hayley, 4 from Emma & Mark, 3 from Kyriakos

The third song from 2023 to make our Top 10 is 'Quiero arder' (I want to burn). Spanish singer Agoney was already well known in Spain from his time on reality singing show 'Operación Triunfo' and his club banger was one of the favourites going into Benidorm Fest 2023. The Aussievision team also had him a runaway winner in our Benidorm Fest 2023 rankings. However Blanca Paloma's huge pipes and emotive staging appealed to the Spanish public and juries and we never got to see Agoney grace the Eurovision stage with this banger.

1. Electric Fields - '2000 & Whatever' (Australia, 2019) - 41 points

12 points from Emma, 10 from Steven, 8 from Mark, 6 from Cooper, 5 from Craig

Australia's very own Electric Fields and their song, '2000 and Whatever' have taken out the top spot as the Aussievision team's favourite national entry of all time! The track was one of ten songs which competed in the inaugural edition of Eurovision - Australia Decides held in 2019. '2000 and Whatever' became an instant classic in the Eurovision fandom. Since its release, it has never finished outside the Top 3 in the National Final Countdown, winning in both 2019 and 2020 before dropping to 2nd in 2021 and 3rd in 2022. Can Electric Fields reclaim the crown in 2023?

The songs that just missed out on the top ten were:

11. 'Voce' - Madame (Italy, 2021) - 20 points

=12. 'Kingdom Come' - Anna Bergendahl (Sweden, 2020) - 19 points

=12. 'Little Tot' - Dotter (Sweden, 2021) - 19 points

=12. 'Tous les deux' - Seemone (France, 2019) - 19 points

=15. 'Honestly' - Ulrikke (Norway, 2023) - 15 points

=15. 'Sun Numero' - Younghearted (Finland, 2022) - 15 points

=17. 'Bulletproof' - Dotter (Sweden, 2020) - 14 points

=17. 'Cicciolina' - Erika Vikman (Finland, 2020) - 14 points

=17. 'Cosa ti aspetti da me - Loredana Berte (Italy, 2019) - 14 points

=20. 'Faith Bloody Faith' - Jorn (Norway, 2021) - 13 points

=20. 'Hoida mut' - Benjamin (Finland, 2023) - 13 points

=20. 'Nochentera' - Vicco (Spain, 2023) - 13 points

There is still time to cast your vote in the National Final Countdown 2023! Voting closes Sunday 22 October, so make sure you have a say in what song comes out on top.

The top 100 songs will be revealed in a special broadcast and countdown on ESCape Radio on Saturday 4 November at 7:30pm AEDT / 9:30am CET.

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