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Andrea will represent North Macedonia at Turin 2022 with 'Circles'

North Macedonia have selected their entry to send to Eurovision 2022 this morning.

Six songs were in the running in their national selection process 'Za Evrosong', and the winner was announced as Andrea with the song 'Circles'.

The announcement was made during a special Eurovision edition of the TV show 'Stisni Play' on MRT.

The contest came down to a nail biting finish with Andrea winning the jury vote and Viktor Apostolovski winning the public vote with 'Superman'. The two artists ended up with 20 points each and the tie was broken by selecting the jury winner.

The overall results were:

  1. Andrea - 'Circles' (20 points)

  2. Viktor Apostolovski - 'Superman' (20 points)

  3. Kaly - 'Love and Light' (16 points)

  4. Lara Ivanova - 'Flower of Sorrow' (15 points)

  5. Yon Idy - 'Dreams' (14 points)

  6. Ris Flower - 'Flying to Berlin' (11 points)

Results of the public vote:

  1. Viktor Apostolovski - 'Superman' (12621)

  2. Kaly - 'Love and Light' (7539)

  3. Andrea - 'Circles' (4300)

  4. Yon Idy - 'Dreams' (3743)

  5. Ris Flower - 'Flying to Berlin' (1367)

  6. Lara Ivanova - 'Flower of Sorrow' (1186)

Results of the jury vote:

  1. Andrea - 'Circles' (12)

  2. Lara Ivanova - 'Flower of Sorrow' (10)

  3. Viktor Apostolovski - 'Superman' (8)

  4. Yon Idy - 'Dreams' (7)

  5. Kaly - 'Love and Light' (6)

  6. Ris Flower - 'Flying to Berlin' (5)

'Circles' was composed by Aleksandar Masevski and the lyrics were co-written with Andrea.

Last year North Macedonia came in 15th place in the first semi-final, with Vasil performing 'Here I Stand'. Tamara Todevska achieved their best ever result in 2019 with 'Proud', coming 7th in the Grand Final.

Will 'Circles' be what they need to get them back into the Grand Final this year?

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