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All the Eurovision songs to receive nul points under the new scoring system

Image credit: BBC/Getty Images

The dreaded, "sorry, you have zero points"... is really not what any nation wants to hear at Eurovision.

It's a real stinger for the artists and those involved following the hard work and preparation that is put into a Eurovision entry. On the odd occasion however, a nul points has shown us the comradely between some of the competitors showing support for each other when a nil points or score is given.

Now that another Eurovision year is over, let's look at an updated list of those who have received zero points in either a semi-final or the Grand Final since 2016 in either the jury votes, the televote, and/or both.

Gabriela Gunčíková - 'I Stand' (Czech Republic)

Grand Final 2016 - Televote

In 2016, the gorgeous Gabriela Gunčíková was the first Czech Republic entrant to reach the Grand Final since the nation first started competing back in 2007. While her song 'I Stand' received 41 points from the jury, the song unfortunately received zero points in the televote to finish 25th place.

Claudia Faniello - 'Breathlessly' (Malta)

Semi-final 2017 - Televote

Image credit:

In 2017, Malta was represented by Claudia Faniello with 'Breathlessly'. In her semi-final, Claudia received no points in the televote and 55 points from the jury, and sadly for Malta, it wasn't enough to qualify for the Grand Final that year, finishing 16th.

Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson - 'Spirit of the Night' (San Marino)

Semi-final 2017 - Jury

In 2017, San Marino sent Jimmie Wilson and Eurovision/Sammarinese royalty, Valentina Monetta with their song 'Spirit of the Night'. The song almost received the double nil points in both jury and televote, but was saved by a single point in the televote. Not surprisingly, San Marino finished 18th and last place in the semi-final and did not qualify for the Grand Final.

Trent Nathan - 'Running on Air' (Austria)

Grand Final 2017 - Televote

Image credit: Roger Dewayne Barkley, EuroVisionary

Despite the dreamy staging that Austria brought us in 2017 at Kyiv, Trent Nathan did not get any televotes in the Grand Final. His song 'Running on Air' did receive 93 points from the jury though and finished in a respectable 16th place.

Manuel Navarro - 'Do It For Your Lover' (Spain)

Grand Final 2017 - Jury

Spain as one of the big five, automatically qualified for the Grand Final in 2017 and it was Manel Navarro who represented Spain with 'Do it for your Lover'. The song received no points from the jury, but was saved from the dreaded double nul points by Portugal who gave Spain five points in the televote. Those weren't enough to save him from finishing in 26th and last place.

Ari Ólafsson - 'Our Choice' (Iceland)

Semi-final 2018 - Televote

Image credit: SBS

In 2018, Iceland sent Ari Ólafsson with his ballad 'Our Choice'. While Iceland did receive some jury love for this song, 15 points, unfortunately, Iceland did not receive a single point in the televote coming last in semi-final 1 and did not qualify for the Grand Final.

Pænda - 'Limits' (Austria)

Semi-final 2019 - Televote

Image credit: Andres Putting

Internally selected artist Pænda to represent Austria in 2019 with 'Limits'. While the song did receive 21 points from the jury, Austria unfortunately got no points in the televote and failed to make the Grand Final finishing 17th in the semi-final.

S!sters - 'Sister' (Germany)

Grand Final 2019 - Televote

In 2019, Germany sent S!sters with their song 'Sister'. Not really sisters (no surprise there), the duo consisting of vocalists Carlotta Truman and Laurita Spinelli unfortunately received no points in the televote in the Grand Final. Their 24 votes in the jury saw them finish in 25th place.

Kobi Marimi - 'Home' (Israel)

Grand Final 2019 - Jury

In front of a home crowd in Tel Aviv in 2019, Kobi Marimi delivered an emotional performance of 'Home' for Israel. While he did receive 35 points from the televote, the song did not receive any jury points at all. He finished in 23rd place on the night.

Benny Christo - 'Omaga' (Czech Republic)

Semi-final 2021 - Televote

Image credit: EBU / Andres Putting

After being internally selected to represent the Czech Republic in 2021, Benny Christo performed 'Omaga' but unfortunately did not make it to the Grand Final. The Czech Republic received 23 points from the jury and no points in the televote in the semi-final to finish in 15th place.

Jeangu Macrooy - 'Birth of a New Age' (The Netherlands)

Grand Final - Televote

Image credit: EBU/ Thomas Hanses

Representing his country in front of his home crowd last year in Rotterdam, Jeangu Macrooy delivered us the powerful 'Birth of a New Age'. While 11 points were received from the jury, unfortunately the Netherlands received no points in the televote. He finished in 23rd place.

James Newman - 'Embers'

Grand Final 2021 - Televote and jury

There is not a more iconic nul points moment that the double zero that James Newman received for the United Kingdom in 2021. Under the new voting system, 'Embers' is the first song to receive the double zero which unsurprisingly saw him finish in last place. James didn't let it get to him and instead got a huge round of applause (what a guy!).

Blas Canto - 'Voy a quedarme' (Spain)

Grand Final 2021 - Televote

Image credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses

In 2021, Blas Cantó represented Spain with his heartfelt ballad 'Voy a quedarme'. Although famous for one of the biggest props used in Eurovision history (a giant inflatable moon), Spain only managed six points from the jury and received no points at all in the televote, to finish 24th overall.

Jendrik - 'I Don't Feel Hate' (Germany)

Grand Final 2021 - Televote

Germany in 2021 was represented by Jendrik with 'I Don't Feel Hate'. Jendrik gave us a very quirky and fun performance on stage, but it was not enough to score any points with the televote but did receive three points from the jury. This landed him in 25th place on the night.

Marius Bear - 'Boys Do Cry' (Switzerland)

Grand Final 2022 - Televote

In 2022, Swiss-Aussie Marius Bear represented Switzerland with the touching ballad 'Boys Do Cry'. Marius made it to the Grand Final, however he didn't fare well too well with the televote receiving 0 points. His 78 points from the jury did see him finish 17th overall.

Nadir Rustamli - 'Fade to Black' (Azerbaijan)

Semi-final 2022 - Televote

Image credit: EBU / Nathan Reinds

Bringing us another powerful man-ballad at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, Nadir Rustamli represented Azerbaijan with 'Fade to Black'. In the semi-final Azerbaijan fared decently with 96 points from the jury, however the song did not receive a single point in the televote. Remarkably, this was still enough to qualify for the Grand Final where he finished 16th.

Malik Harris - 'Rockstars' (Germany)

Grand Final 2022 - Jury

Germany was represented in 2022 by Malik Harris who performed 'Rockstars'. As one of the big five automatically qualifying for the Grand Final, Germany unfortunately finished in last place with just six televote points, and nul points from the jury.

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