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All the Eurovision songs to chart in New Zealand

Songs from the Eurovision Song Contest started charting on the New Zealand music charts back in 1960. The first was a cover of Domenico Modugno’s ‘Volare’ sung by Bobby Rydell.

Since then there have been a few connections between the Contest and New Zealand. Back in the 1990s a guitar instrumental version of Mocedades' 1973 Spanish Eurovision entry ‘Eres Tú’ was used in an advertising campaign by the Bank of New Zealand.

More recently the Eurovision Song Contest has been broadcast in Aotearoa (the Māori name for New Zealand) from 2009 to 2011 by Triangle Stratos and from 2014 to 2016 via BBC UKTV.

New Zealand even once got a mention at a Eurovision Grand Final!

Back in 2012, the hosts shouted out to television viewers from Australia and New Zealand, “We send a very special welcome to our fans and viewers in Australia and New Zealand. The Eurovision Song Contest has never been as close to you as this year.” Unfortunately, that was the year Eurovision wasn’t broadcast in New Zealand.

Here at Aussievision, we found a strong connection between New Zealand and Eurovision and that is through the music charts. We have compiled all the Eurovision songs that have charted in New Zealand.

The official NZ Music Charts is the weekly New Zealand top 40 singles and album charts, compiled by Recorded Music NZ, formerly the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand (RIANZ). The current charts are compiled from both physical and digital sales data from music retailers across New Zealand.

Before 1975 the music charts in New Zealand were compiled by magazines, record stores, and radio stations based on regions on an ad-hoc basis.

Our list comprises music chart data from the following:

  • Lever Hit Parades music data taken from from 1960 to 1966. The Lever Hit Parades were featured on the New Zealand government radio stations that were run commercially. The lists were compiled by Lints NZ Ltd and sponsored by the Lever Brothers. These charts were poll-driven and started in the 1950’s.

  • New Zealand Listener chart is taken from from 1966 to 1974. These charts were run by NZ Listener Magazine. They were not sales-based but by voting from their readers. The list was later renamed POP-O-METER.

  • RIANZ charts from and from 1975 onwards. In 1975 a sales-based music chart was created and compiled by the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand. In the future, it would go on to be renamed the Official New Zealand Music Chart.

  • Hot Singles chart, compiled by Recorded Music NZ, tracks the fastest-moving tracks by sales, streams and airplay

We ranked the Eurovision songs in order of their peak positions and duration on the New Zealand music charts.

Our list covers 19 songs that we found that charted in New Zealand.

Let’s begin!

19. Nicole - ‘A Little Peace (Ein bißchen Frieden)’ - 1982 - No. 34 - 1 week at peak - 5 weeks on chart (RIANZ)

18. Dschinghis Khan - ‘Dschinghis Khan’ - 1979 *- No. 33 - 1 week at peak - 3 weeks on chart (RIANZ)

The single released in New Zealand was the English version ‘Genghis Khan’.

17. Rosa Linn - ‘Snap’ - 2022 - No. 30 - 1 week at peak - 11 weeks on the chart (RIANZ)

16. Alessandra - ‘Queen of Kings’ - 2023 - No. 29 (Hot Singles)

15. Gina G - ‘Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit’ - 1996 - No. 28 - 1 week at peak - 7 weeks on chart (RIANZ)

Australian Gina G has appeared only once on the New Zealand singles music chart. Her 1996 Eurovision hit song for the United Kingdom, 'Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit’, peaked at No. 28 on the RIANZ single chart. It faired better in the UK where it charted at No. 1 and in Australia at No. 5, on their music singles charts.

14. Måneskin - ‘Zitti e buoni’ - 2021 - No. 26 - 1 week at peak (Hot Singles)

‘Zitti e buoni’ peaked on the Hot Singles Chart at No. 26 after the Italian band won Eurovision in 2021. Måneskin managed to gain chart success with their cover 'Beggin'' reaching No. 3 and remaining on the chart for 24 weeks and 'I Wanna Be Your Slave' peaked at No. 21 and stayed on the chart for 10 weeks.

13. Loreen - ‘Tattoo’ - 2023 - No.19 (Hot Singles)

12. Cliff Richard - ‘Power to All Our Friends’ - 1973 - No.11 - 1 week at peak - 4 weeks on chart (Listener)

11. Käärijä - 'Cha Cha Cha' - 2023 - No. 9 (Hot Singles)

10. Brotherhood of Man - ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ - 1976 - No. 9 - 1 week at peak - 13 weeks on the chart (RIANZ)

9. Dana - ‘All Kinds of Everything’ - 1970 - No.8 - 1 week at peak - 8 weeks on chart (Listener)

8. Clodagh Rodgers - ‘Jack In the Box’ - 1971 - No. 6 - 1 week at peak - 8 weeks on the chart (Listener)

‘Jack In the Box’ is the 1971 Eurovision entry from the United Kingdom by Clodagh Rodgers. In New Zealand ‘Jack In the Box’ peaked at No. 6 on the Listener chart. She also charted with two other hits ‘Come Back and Shake Me’ and ‘Lady Love Bug’ which both peaked at No. 10 on the Listener chart.

7. Lulu - ‘Boom Bang-a-Bang’ - 1969 - No.5 - 1 week at peak - 7 weeks on chart (Listener)

6. ABBA - ‘Waterloo’ - 1974 - No.3 - 1 week at peak - 10 weeks on chart (Listener)

The Kiwis love ABBA, A LOT. Maybe even more so than the Aussies, based on ABBA’s chart success in New Zealand. Over 20 songs have charted in New Zealand with six No. 1’s ‘Chiquitita’, ‘Dancing Queen’, Fernando’, ‘I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do’, ‘Money, Money, Money’ and ’S.O.S’. ‘Waterloo’ was an exception it only peaked at No. 3 in 1974, but it was the start of things to come.

5. Bucks Fizz - ‘Making Your Mind Up’ - 1981 - No. 3 - 1 week at peak - 18 weeks on chart (Listener)

Three Bucks Fizz singles charted in New Zealand in 1981, their Eurovision song ‘Making Your Mind Up’ at No. 3, ‘Piece Of The Action’ peaked at No. 31 and ‘The Land Of Make Believe’ at No. 44.

4. The New Seekers - ‘Beg Steal or Borrow’ - 1972 - No.2 - 1 week at peak - 9 weeks on the chart (Listener)

The New Seekers were formed after the disbanding of the Australian band The Seekers from the 1960s. In the new band, there were two Australians Peter Doyle and Marty Kristian. They scored the United Kingdom’s seventh runner-up position at Eurovision in 1972 with ‘Beg, Steal or Borrow’ which was co-written by Australian Tony Cole. On the New Zealand Listener chart The New Seekers have eight songs that charted with one No. 1, ‘Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma’, and three songs that peaked at No. 2, ’Pinball Wizard’, ‘See Me Feel Me’ and their Eurovision entry for the United Kingdom 'Beg, Steal or Borrow’.

3. Cliff Richard - ‘Congratulations’ - 1968 - No. 2 - 3 weeks at peak - 9 weeks on chart (Listener)

Cliff Richard was no stranger to the New Zealand singles chart with over 30 singles. Four of his songs reached No. 1, they include ‘Please Don’t Tease’, ‘I Love You’, ‘The Young Ones’ and ‘Summer Holiday’. His runner-up Eurovision song for the United Kingdom, ‘Congratulations’ reached No. 2 for three weeks.

2. Mary Hopkin - ‘Knock, Knock Who’s There?’ - 1970 - No. 1 - 1 week at peak - 11 weeks on chart (Listener)

Mary Hopkins had five singles chart in New Zealand with her runner-up Eurovision song for the United Kingdom, ‘Knock, Knock Who’s There?’, being her sole No. 1 single. The song also peaked at No. 1 in Singapore. In Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Malaysia, and Ireland ‘Knock, Knock Who’s There?’ reached No. 2 on their music singles charts. Her other most successful single in New Zealand is ‘Goodbye’ which peaked at No. 2.

1. Sandie Shaw - ‘Puppet on a String’ - 1967 - No.1 - 3 weeks at peak - 8 weeks on chart (Listener)

‘Puppet on a String’ is the first and only Eurovision-winning song to reach the No. 1 spot on the New Zealand singles chart. The single reached No. 1 in ten countries across the world, in Australia, it reached the No. 2 spot. It even reached the top 5 in Malaysia, South Africa and Singapore. In New Zealand, Sandie Shaw had seven singles that charted, with another No. 1 single in 1964 with ‘[There's] Always Something There to Remind Me’ which remained at its peak for a single week.

And there you have it all the Eurovision songs we managed to track down that have charted on the New Zealand music singles charts.

Are there any songs we missed? With such a vast catalogue of Eurovision covers out there we wouldn’t be surprised if there are more that landed in New Zealand. Let us know on our socials.

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