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The reaction from Kate's rehearsal

At 7pm (AEST) Sunday night countless Australian Eurovision fans held their breath waiting to see how Kate Miller-Heidke would perform 'Zero Gravity'.

They were not disappointed.

Kate is literally soaring in the air on a 'stick' like the one used by the 'dementor' at her Australia Decides performs. She is joined by two back up performers and they all glide above the world through space thanks to Augmented Reality which will be a big part of the show.

Kate also has a new frock, the Steven Khalil design (the same man who designed Dami Im's 2016 look) took over 100 hours to make.

Overall it's a complicated, technical and effective presentation. It will help catch the eye of a televoter and Kate's ability to sing that vocal while performing in a physical challenging position, should also impress juries.

At the end of the two days of semi final rehearsals the press agreed, voting Australia the winner of the first press poll.

Wiwibloggs were, to quote them, "erupting with emotion", after the performance, adding "Before she got here, it was will she qualify? And now it's like how high can she go?"

And it wasn't just the press who she impressed, odds for Australia shortened from 16th favourite 11th within a day to win the competition. You can see just how much an impact it had on the odds below.

Kate herself tweeted her pleasure/relief after the rehearsal...

In our view, the delegation and Kate had promised some big changes with a technical aspect and they have delivered. From the limited footage we have seen (we are not on the ground in Tel Aviv) we think they've delivered the best staging for Australia since 2016. They aren't just here to qualify, they are there to do well and with powerful performance they could do better than we imagined.

Australia's second rehearsal will be midnight Thursday night/Friday morning.

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