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Who do Australians vote for at Eurovision?

With Australia getting to decide who represents us this year, we thought we'd take a look at what type of songs our televote have gone to since we entered the contest in 2015.

Looking at only the Eurovision Gran Finals are top three points have gone to:

12 points

'Heroes' - Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden)

'What the Pressure' - Laura Tesoro (Belgium)

'Hey Mama' - Sunstroke Project (Moldova)

'Toy' - Netta (Israel)

10 points

'Rhythm Inside' - Loïc Notte (Belgium)

'If Love Was a Crime' - Poli Genova (Bulgaria)

'Yodel It' - Ilinca ft Alex Florea (Romania)

'Higher Ground' - Rasmussen (Denmark)

8 points

'Beauty Never Lies' - Bojana Stamenov (Serbia)

'1944' - Jamala (Ukraine)

'Where I Am' - Anja Nissen (Denmark)

'Together' - Ryan O'Shaughnessy (Ireland)

What is quite clear from the majority of these choices that Australians love an up-beat song with a good performance. Whether that be choreography or novelty.

Voting for winners Måns and Netta isn't unique, but certainly voting for Laura Tesoro as our 12 points in 2016 was. Only nine nations gave her any televotes, two of them awarded 12 points - their neighbours The Netherlands and us. In a year lacking 'bangers' Australians gravitated towards her as well as Poli's 'If Love Was a Crime' as our 10 points.

Additionally the more 'novelty' songs have grabbed our attention as well, 'Toy' arguably has novelty features as do 'Yodel It', 'Higher Ground' and 'Hey Mama'. Of course they are no Lordi but their performance value and staging has certainly aligned well with Australian audiences.

But it's not all "trash' as some may say. We recognise a great vocal or touching song. 1944 received 8 points from us in 2016, while Anja Nissen and Ryan O'Shaughnessy made the top three as well (though Anja and did receive a patriotic vote). And just outside the top 3 was the 2017 winner 'Amar Pelos Dois' in 4th place.

But overall, as many would suspect, Australians love a banger. So when it comes to Australia Decides this weekend do the uptempo songs of Sheppard, Courtney Act and Electric Fields already have an advantage over the ballads or popera, or will we judge songs differently since they're our own?

We'll all have to wait for next Saturday to find out.

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